Thayne Chapin achieved a pinnacle accomplishment in trapshooting, returning to Maquoketa from the state trapshooting competition as a double state champion. The tournament was held June 5-9 in Cedar Falls. 

Now a Maquoketa High School senior, Chapin was tied for first with one other shooter and ran 50 consecutive targets in a shoot-off to claim the title.

Chapin’s friend Kolton Manning got him interested in shooting when he was in seventh grade. After his dad Tim took him shooting, Chapin was hooked. 

The state champion must drink an ice tea from McDonald’s in the morning before every meet, and he sings Def Leppard songs to concentrate before a meet.

Chapin practices by shooting his 12- gauge Browning Ultra XT over and under.

He said he hopes to shoot trap in college. 

Meanwhile, trap competitions heat up every year, with increasingly more participants.

“The competition just keeps getting tougher every year,” said Maquoketa Trap Team Coach Don Schwenker.

Schwenker noted that in league play last season there were 29 high school and three middle school shooters tied with a league average of a perfect 200. 

“Six years ago, no one averaged 200,” Schwenker said. 

Some 29 high school kids had a shootout to see who was league champ. After round one of 50 targets, Chapin was still alive. But once you missed, you were done. 

Chapin shot clean in the second round of 25 targets, but missed in round three and finished sixth in league play. 

Schwenker said he took 31 athletes in fifth through 12th grades to the state competition in Cedar Falls. At state the shooters shoot 200 rounds in singles, 100 in doubles, 100 rounds in handicap, and they go through about a half-million targets in one week. 

The sport can be an expensive one. For the year, Schwenker estimated the team shoots through about $20,000 in ammunition. Also, the teams pay $70 dollars in singles, $40 in doubles, and $40 in handicap at the state meet. That makes fundraisers and sponsors very important to the team, the coach said.

Trapshooting has become a family affair for the Chapins, as Thayne’s younger sisters also shoot trap. Emma has been shooting for almost two years. The first time she shot she recorded 17 of 150, and this year Emma shot 188 of 200 at state. She placed sixth in singles in American trap and fourth in handicap. Emma shoots a12-gauge, Browning A 400 semi-automatic. 

Younger sister Claire Chapin also is in her first year with the team. 

Thayne said he hopes to shoot trap in college. He has a few colleges to pick from.

Anyone interested in trapshooting should contact coach Schwenker at (563) 349-8289. 

Season review Maquoketa Trap Team

Singles League:

29 high school and three middle school shooters tied with a league average of a perfect 200. After a long shoot off,

Thayne Chapin placed 6th and Wyatt Lindstrom placed 16th.

The varsity squad placed 8th in the league

Handicap league:

Individual scores:

Rookie Sam Kress placed 3rd

The Varsity squad placed 3rd

The Middle school squad placed 5th

Doubles league:

The varsity squad placed 5th.

The middle school squad placed 10th

State tournament:

There were 1,798 high school participants and 935 middle school participants.


Varsity squad placed 10th.

Emma Chapin placed 6th individually.


Varsity squad placed 3rd.


Sam Kress placed 3rd in Rookies.

Matt Casel Placed 10th in Rookies.

Junior Varsity: Emma Chapin placed 4th.

Ben Thines placed 5th.

Varsity: Wyatt Lindstrom placed 8th.


Varsity squad placed 3rd.


Intermediate: Jacob Nabb placed 5th.

Junior Varsity: Keeley Waack placed 9th.

Wyatt Schwenker tied for 13th.

Varsity: Kegan Waack tied for 5th.

Doubles State Champion Thayne Chapin

He was tied for first with one other shooter and ran 50 straight in a shoot-off to claim the title.