Maquoketa High School senior

Maquoketa High School senior Tyler Meyeres leads a group of runners after the first mile at the state cross country meet in Fort Dodge Saturday.

On Saturday, Tyler Meyeres added another 3.1 miles to the estimated 10,000 miles he has run in the last six years. 

But this time, the miles were at the state cross country meet in Fort Dodge.

The Maquoketa Cardinals senior ran the Lakeside Municipal Golf Course in 17:46.30, ending his high school cross county career in 78th place in the state.

Meyeres has been steady all year, hovering between 17:33 and 17:45. His average time for all meets is 17:68 with a low time of 17:33 and a high time of 18:47 at the first meet of the year. 

He started running in sixth grade. Since then Meyeres estimated he has logged over 10,000 miles. During the cross country season, he puts in over 15 miles a week. He also trains in the off season by lifting weights and swimming to give his knees a break from pounding the ground and pavement when he runs. 

Running is therapeutic for him, Meyeres said, and it’s an outlet to help him relieve stress. When he is running by himself he just keeps telling himself to go one more mile and then another mile and so on until he gets tired. 

Most athletes have superstitions and Meyeres has one as well. He swallows two Tums before every meet to help him stay relaxed and tamp down his nerves. You cannot tell Meyeres is nervous when he runs in a meet — he runs effortlessly and smoothly with no wasted motion. 

Meyeres’ final thoughts of his successful year were not about his achievements but about everyone who helped him to achieve them. He thanked his family and teammates for the support he has gotten from them, and last but not least, his first-year coach Rob Dennis for pushing him and keeping him and his teammates focused.


Cross Country

(Fort Dodge State Meet Boys 3A)


Team scores — 1. Gilbert 64; 2. Clear Creek-Amana 80; 3. Marion 102.

Top 5 Individuals — 1. Cody Mertens (Mount Pleasant) 16:03.1; 2. Quinton Orr (Humboldt) 16:10.0; 3. Nate Muller (Adm, Adel); 4. Luke Fost (Center Point-Urbana) 16:15; 5. Rees Tyler (Gilbert) 16:17.1

Maquoketa Individuals — 78. Tyler Meyeres 17:46.3


Other Local Teams/Individuals

Bellevue Boys Class 2A runner-up with a team score of 100.

  3. Brady Griebel 16:39.0

15. Kyle Guenther 17:21.6

16. Jack Sieverding 17:22.0

17. Alex Reed 17:25.3

49. Andrew Penniston 18:14.8

77. Sam Dunne 18:54.9 

80. Mason Jackson 18:58.7

Calamus-Wheatland boys Class 1A Runner up with a score of 111.

  9. Hunter Rickels 17:09.6

12. Chase Knoche 17:11.7

15. Chandler Gannon 17:21.9

27. Magnus Sands 17:43.9

48. Brett McCartt 18:20.8

54. Hunter Kastantin 18:28.3

72. Seth Beuthien 19:02.4

Midland Qualifier:

90. Trenton Rickels 18:26.0

Marquette Catholic girls team ninth place with a score of score 241.

21. Halle Kilburg 21:17.2

25. Holly Beauchamp 21:27.9

60. Kaylee Koos 22:45.6

61. Allison Kettmann 22:45.6

74. Macey Kremer 23:25.8

98. Miranda Peters 25:43.6

101. Gwen Davis 27:01.1