2019 racing banquet may be held Jan. 25


The rush from work to the track turned into a rush of domination on the track for Joe Bonney Saturday.

The hometown ace took the lead for good on lap 38 and ran away with the annual Junky Garien 100 Enduro at Maquoketa Speedway.

Bonney took off from the first row of three and paced the early going on the makeshift road course within the 3/8-mile dirt oval. 

The infield portion of the road course became impassable due to the mud after several cars became stuck in the same area, so the race was re-routed to the oval.

Bonney swapped the top spot early with Kile Vohringer before taking the advantage for good on lap 38. The race was shortened to 72 laps due to time limit. By that time, Bonney had lapped the field and cruised behind a group of cars.

Vohringer pulled to a stop on turn three on lap 61, pitted and came back to finish sixth, four laps behind.

Bryan Maher was the only car one lap down. Lukas Short, Chris Hansen and Lane Vohringer rounded out the top five.

Bonney fell to fourth at one point on lap 27 during a fierce four-car battle with Kile Vohringer, Chris Vohringer and Shane Oberbreckling before racing back to the point.

Chris Vohringer finished seventh but was credited with leading a lap during that tense battle. 

The event concludes the 2019 season at Maquoketa Speedway.

The annual championship banquet is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 25, at Timber Lanes in Maquoketa. Stay tuned to the track Facebook page for more details.

Trackside Promotions thanks the sponsors, fans and race teams for the support in 2019.

Sept. 28 Raceway Results

Following are results from the Junky Garien 100 Enduro Saturday evening at Maquoketa Speedway.

Junky Garien 100 (72 laps due to time limit) – 1. 70 Joe Bonney (72 laps); 2. 53 Bryan Maher (71); 3. 77C Lukas Short (69); 4. 10H Chris Hansen (69); 5. M1 Lane Vohringer (68); 6. 01 Kile Vohringer (68); 7. 1 Chris Vohringer (42); 8. 11S Shane Oberbreckling (30); 9. 72X Gene Potter (12); 10. 77J (20) 11. 32DD Justin Caven (12); 12. 317C Dylan Said (8); 13. 15 Olivia Wisco (7); 14. 12H Willie Hansen (7).

Time of race: 1 hour

Lead Changes: 6

Lap leaders: Bonnie 1-14, K. Vohringer 15-17, Bonnie 18-21, K. Vohringer 22-33, C. Vohringer 34, K. Vohringer 35-37, Bonnie 38-72

Cautions: 7