Some people ask me why I always stick my neck out about my opinion on politics and have a lot of people dislike me. I tell them it is simple. Our Founding Fathers gave their families, lives and fortunes to take us from Socialism to our Constitution and Freedom. If I’m a True American it is my top priority to fight for future generations to keep our Constitution and Freedom; if I don’t then I’m not a True American. So what I do is just a drop in the bucket to try and keep the little Freedom we have left.

That is why it is so Great to have a President like Trump. He isn’t a Democrat or a Republican. He is an American first. Not only is he an American first, he is a common sense Red Neck American.  

I don’t really care what Trump says. He calls a spade a spade. I love what he is getting done and trying to get done. He is the 1st President since Reagan trying to get done what he said he was going to do.

He is getting so much done even with the Democrats trying to impeach him since the day he was elected just because he’s trying to get America back to the Constitution, our Freedom and drain the swamp. 

Trump has a booming economy, 49 year low unemployment rates, American companies coming back home, more Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans working, close to 4 million Americans off food stamps, small businesses lowest top marginal tax rate in over 80 years. Trump gives his pay check back to the Government, signed the VA Choice Health Act, increased our coal export by 60%, NATO is now spending $69 billion more on Defense, getting a better deal with China, moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem in Israel, standing up for our law enforcement people and our armed forces, getting the USMCA [United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement] passed, which the House Democrats sat on for 9 months, keeping a red line against terrorism, standing with the people of China and Iran (not turning his back against the red line and the Iran people like Obama did), trying to get the wall built while the Democrats were trying to stop him. 

When ISIS first started Obama said they’re just a JV team. Look at the thousands of Christians that Qassim Soleimani ordered tortured to death with Obama and Biden in office until Trump became President. Trump has confirmed Constitutional Judges to the Courts. This should be the top priority of every True American when voting. Democrats will never appoint Constitutional Judges. Trump is a man that hugs the flag, loves America and Freedom for all. He doesn’t go all over the world and cut America down like Obama did. Trump could be doing nothing and travel all over the world. But no, he is trying to Save America and our Children from becoming a One World order under Socialism.

Jim Budde