Letter to editor

Letter to Editor


It is come to my attention that some people in this community would rather listen to a 30 second soundbite or roughly an hour call-in show every Friday morning at 9:05. What you don’t hear is the facts. 

Every one of our elected officials has stress in their life and our elected officials have a short amount of time to make decisions. If you feel you need to complain or vent your frustrations out to an elected official why don’t you message them on Facebook Messenger, call them, email them, or in the case of the City Council of Maquoketa, come to a City Council meeting. Stop this bashing garbage and confront them one on one. I have done this on several occasions. I also have run for political office myself. 

Maybe if we stop worrying about petty things in our own lives, maybe we need to pray for them and ask them how they’re doing. Each one of us is human; we make mistakes and all of us including elected officials have fallen short. Maybe we can have a better city, state and national government and once again, I repeat, get off your butt and talk to your elected officials. How do they know if they are doing a good job if we just spout off not knowing what they are going through and why they make the decisions they make? 

In conclusion I have May Made some wrong choices in the words of Tuesday, September 3 Maquoketa City Council meeting which is airing right now on local access. I meant no ill will towards the Maquoketa City Council; I was only expressing my 1st Amendment right. I encourage others to do so as well but a little piece of advice, state your points and don’t turn it into a free for all. My comments to the Jackson County Economic Alliance I will not apologize for my words I said to them.

Richard E. Stimmel Jr.