Letter to editor

Letter to Editor


What’s happening with tribulation times from your bible? Many are ignorant to bible prophecy. Do you accept Jesus in your heart? Do you have your food supply or are you prepared? In the new we are to send troops to Iran. All signs are falling in to place. Another missile test 240 millimeter and 300 millimeter caliber multiple rocket launchers. By North Korea. The biggest war is yet to come, be aware of the new dictator just like Hitler who murdered Jews. Future government will have every human being on earth with a computer chip in your hand. Track you like a dog. All your small businesses are closing, some been around for years, thanks to computers. A person will not be able to buy, sell, trade unless you have the mark of the beast 666 (computer chip). When you can not yield your crops because of weather changing. Who controls the weather? God or your terrorist? (You decide) All the vile practice of sexual sins calling children. It’s in some school systems, stating there’s no gender. God made male and female in humans and nature. Some are brainwashed by ignorant world of scientist who contradict the bible. If man came from a ape then apes would of died out. I haven’t seen no apes evolve into men. That’s all untrue. Revelation 12:9 – The devil (evil people) who deceives the whole world. God will reject egotistical humans.

The tribulation is your sevenfold intensity or corrective punishment, which God is going to do. Just like a good father who spanks their child. A third shall die with pestilence famine you shall be consumed in the midst of thee. A third shall fall by the sword around about thee. Third part remainder into the winds (slavery). Last plagues my anger shall be accomplished. You shall know I’m the eternal. I have spoken in my zeal. Accomplished my fury in them. Ezekial 5:11-17. This could never happen until the hydrogen bomb. Cities lay waste all of them in your dwelling place. When these things happen look up, lift your hands because your redemption draws near. Luke 21:28. We are only a few people who lift up our voices warning people. Some of us are considered nut cases, or religious fanatics. They mocked Noah. Who will have the last laugh. I just know my bible. What my God tells me. I do not belong to no church or organization. Your government’s not going to save you or feed you. Your choice. (Wake up.)

Sheila Starr