After doing an impromptu interview with the sports department of KWQC TV on Thursday [Sept. 26] prior to the football game, the next morning I was applauded by some people on our staff for recognizing the great job Bruce Yaddof does in preparing our field for games. In those short interactions, it was noted that many of us have always appreciated the people on our staff who perform incredibly important duties, in many cases at wages that don’t match their importance, but just don’t compliment them enough. After pondering why we don’t do so, I decided it was time to publicly recognize those groups. 

So here’s to all of our wonderful janitors, cooks, bus drivers, secretaries, teacher associates, and nurses — both past and present. You are all key people who help make the Easton Valley District (and prior to that, Preston and East Central) run so smoothly. The rest of us don’t tell you often enough what a great job you’re doing and how much we appreciate that. I encourage everyone to acknowledge their contributions and thank them the next time you run into one of them on the street.

The same goes for people who volunteer their services to the school. Right now we are in need of more people to help as athletic boosters. Maybe if the importance of volunteering for that type of work were acknowledged and appreciated more by others, rather than taken for granted, we could get more than the handful of wonderful people who currently have to take on so many duties. 

Again, I applaud the people who have currently, and who have in the past, taken on so much extra work as volunteers to serve our school(s) and make sure our students have the best of everything. I hope everyone else will please do the same when you get the chance.

Dan Beck

Easton Valley health/physical education teacher, head boys basketball coach