We would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone in the Maquoketa School District and in the community who supported us during Homecoming 2019. Your involvement and generosity were greatly appreciated. We also would like to thank the businesses who allowed us to display window decorations and everyone who came to watch the parade. The overwhelming support received from everyone in this community was amazing. Thank you again to everyone for contributing to this year’s Homecoming. Below I have a list of this year’s winners for: study hall door decorating, downtown window decorating, Olympics, and parade. We hope that you will support our efforts again next year.

Homecoming Olympics:

1st Place: Juniors Boomshakalaka

2nd Place: Jade and Kaleb’s senior team

3rd Place: Seniors Gone Wild

Homecoming window decorating:

1st Place: Club Hope

2nd Place: BPA

3rd Place: HOSA

Homecoming study hall door decorating winners:

1st Place: Mrs. Kay Kilburg

2nd Place: Mrs. Ashley Wiggins

3rd Place: Mr. Matt Hartman

Honorable mention: Mr. Bill Duffy

Overall parade winners:

1st Place: Maquoketa Education Association

2nd Place: High School JV/Varsity Volleyball

3rd Place: Senior Football Moms

1st place schools/classes category: Sacred Heart School

1st place sports and activities category: High School JV/Varsity Volleyball

MacKenzie Said

Maquoketa High School

Student Senate president