Letter to editor


For years the EPA has blocked the sale of E15 from being sold during the summer months. The unnecessary stranglehold from selling this biofuel blend made with 15 percent ethanol is hurting an already tough farm economy.

This outdated regulation takes away the opportunity to sell more corn that can be turned into ethanol. Each year Iowa farmers are producing record numbers of bushels of corn, opening up the summer market to sell E15 means more affordable, higher-octane type fuel and more dollars coming back to Iowa farmers and the Iowa economy.

Thankfully our president has ordered the EPA to begin the regulatory process that will lead to year-round sales of E15. But he can’t do it alone. Our Iowa delegation and Governor Reynolds have been pressing the Administration and the EPA to clear the way for E15 sales next Summer.

I’d like to thank Senators Grassley and Ernst, Congressman Blum, and Governor Reynolds for their tireless efforts to keep our Iowa economy strong and allowing Iowa corn to fuel the country.

Janelle Lutgen