After reading a few letters from the May 3 edition of the Sentinel-Press, the only one I’m proud of is the one written by Fred Francis, my former colleague at Flapjacks. He is right I wish more people would take the time to say to us former employees and I quote, “I’m sorry you lost your job and I know how hard it is for you” instead of saying and I quote, “Where am I going to get a waffle” or “Where am I going to get my Ruben?” 

2. Recent letters and discussions about Representative McKean’s decision to leave the Republican Party to become a Democrat are highly ridiculous. We all are not always going to agree on everything President Trump says or does. To quote a line from “It’s a Wonderful Life” of all people Mr. Potter, “Man, are you afraid of success?” Me being a Republican, and this is the stance of the Republican Party, we are for pro-growth and a hands up and not a hand out mentality and we are a pro-life party.

3. It’s fine to be an independent but being an independent you have to look at both sides of the aisle.

Point 4. A last statement concerning the possible increase of the city Council my biggest concern: can a city of roughly 6000 people afford for our council and Mayor to be paid a higher salary? Don’t get me wrong the city Council and mayor do a lot for Maquoketa and I agree they do need compensated for their time and the mileage they put on their vehicles but a pay increase? No. Maybe if you lived in a larger city but not Maquoketa.

Richard E. Stimmel