A few weeks back I had the opportunity to meet one of Maquoketa’s Finest. This was not a planned meeting but clearly the officer wished to make my acquaintance. I know this because while driving to a gathering, he approached me from behind and emphatically attempted to gain my attention. It was Officer Nick Konrardy.  He is our newest member of the Maquoketa Police Force.

At first, when I saw the flashing lights, I was confused. I didn’t remember doing anything I shouldn’t have. But then I remembered I was driving on Quarry and had passed Eliza. There is a stop sign there that I almost go through every time I pass it. I was certain I must have been unawares and just missed stopping.

When Officer Konrardy approached me, I asked him why he stopped me. He informed me I failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. It was not however the one at Quarry and Eliza. It was Quarry and Main.  

Now I was confused. I did not remember not stopping. However, I could not in good faith remember clearly enough to question the officer. That for me was a wake-up call. I evidently was not paying sufficient attention and that is bad.

As would be suspected, he asked me for my license, registration and insurance paperwork. I complied. After a few short minutes the officer returned and gave me my documents and issued a warning of which I am certainly grateful.

I have written several “Letters to the Editor.” Generally they are to bring attention to issues in the community that I feel need attention or direct action.  I felt that while bringing shortcomings to people’s attention in order to help bring change, I also have to be as quick to note when exceptional performance is observed.  

The reason for writing this letter is not to thank Officer Konrardy for a warning instead of a ticket. It is to congratulate the officer on his professionalism and courtesy. At no time was he anything but exceptionally courteous to me. His demeanor and communication demonstrated extraordinary professionalism as well. If there had been a camera there to record the event, it would have made an excellent training video showing exactly how to approach and work with the public.  

My hat’s off to Officer Konrardy on his admirable performance. This reflects well on the police department as well as our community as a whole. Great job!

Terry Creegan