Letter to editor

Letter to Editor


I was so relieved when the jail vote did not pass. When the jail committee gets the jail down to what is needed for Jackson County, I will vote yes.

The “Super” Deputy does not need a private office. He is supposed to be out making sure Jackson County residents are safe.

The vote was close for the same reason scammers are successful. The committee used the $300,000 [donation from the Norths] to tell people “you better vote yes or you will lose the $300,000.” The benefit of anything needs to be more than the cost. Why would anyone want to bring criminals to Jackson County from other counties? We can send a lot of Jackson County criminals to other counties for $6.5 million.

If there is land available, use it. Construct a building that fits the needs of Jackson County. Forget the “pie in the sky” dreams of more of the Sheriff’s family.

Norine Hankemeier