I was entering Maquoketa from the North on Hurstville Road. I was following a truck pulling a trailer with no license plate anywhere to be seen. The truck turned left on Pershing Road. It was then I noticed it was a red Maquoketa city truck.

So it seems the city does not license their trailers or they allow city personnel to pull personal vehicles. It was in the afternoon, so I must assume that the people in the truck were on the clock and that the city has no problem with their personnel pulling unlicensed personal property on “company” time.

Because of this I became aware of unlicensed vehicles traveling about the city or parked on the street and in city owned parking lots. I have driven around the city numerous times. The results were similar on most every drive. During the week and in mid-day, there were fewer violations. On the weekend when most people are not at work, the violations were more numerous

On my last drive I spotted 16 vehicles with expired plates. With four exceptions, the vehicles were parked on city streets or in the parking lots on either side of Perxactly’s. I included the other 4 because they were parked just off the street, were clear of snow, and tracks from the street to the car tires were clear and evident.

Of 12 vehicles, two were at Perxactly’s, two were being driven, and eight were parked on the street. Two of the vehicles had plates that expired over a year ago. Other than the parking lots, all the vehicles were only in the 1st Ward! This was a small sampling of what exists throughout the city

Earlier, I observed two vehicles in the parking lots for over three months. One, a red sedan had no indication of registration anywhere. The other, a beat-up old pick-up, with plates that expired in 2017.

Cars without licenses, more than likely do not have insurance, either. This represents a clear and present danger to those in our community.

Why is the city so reluctant to enforce the law?

Terry Creegan

Rural Maquoketa