I am writing a letter of support for Brent Kilburg for Sheriff in Jackson County IA, 2020.  I am not a Jackson County resident but have known and worked with both candidates for over 30 years. I have numerous friends and family relations in Jackson County so I believe I have some reference and background to have an opinion.

There has been misinformation put out about Brent’s intentions if he is voted into office.  Brent’s advisory team has heard numerous false rumors from more than a few Jackson County residents that Brent intends to make drastic changes. Brent is not against legal consumption of alcoholic beverages or use of recreational vehicles on public roadways.  He does not intend to drastically change the daily operations of the Sheriff’s Office. Brent wants to improve the quality of service the people of Jackson County receive for their tax dollars spent.

What Brent offers is professionalism, leadership, integrity, morals and ethics. Recent actions have once again put Deputy Schroeder’s into question. If you listened to the last debate on KMAQ between Brent and Deputy Schroeder, Schroeder’s evasive answers to the questions raised by the Sentinel Press regarding alleged underage drinking in his presence and inappropriate text messages between he and another county employee were classic examples of avoidance and transference, and in my opinion do not reflect the qualities you should want in your Sheriff.

The citizens of Jackson County will be better served by Brent Kilburg as their Sheriff.

Matt Stammeyer