I listened to part of the discussion which Steve Schroeder and Brent Kilburg held on KMAQ Radio this week. I read some letters of support for both Brent and Steve in the paper. I do a fair amount of reading on Facebook. But I have also personally visited with both candidates, so I have come up with some thoughts about this Sheriff’s race:

I worked with Sheriff Bob Lyons 40 years ago when I worked at the courthouse, but I am not interested in our county doing business as it was done back then. I am looking forward to a change in the atmosphere of the Sheriff’s office, a cleansing of sorts, an airing out. We desperately need new ideas and modern touches.

Why would someone vote for a candidate who refuses to answer legitimate questions asked by a legitimate newspaper? This is not a witch hunt. This is what newspapers do, write stories about people, events and happenings. Mr. Schroeder does not put himself in a favorable light by ducking these inquiries.

Why would someone support a candidate who flaunts the law he has sworn to uphold? Why would we support a man who allows his picture to be taken if he is drinking alcohol with minors?

How do we know which laws Mr. Schroeder will allow his deputies to ignore.... How do we know he learned anything from his experience with Drew Edwards, if he hides behind closed doors?

I am going to support Brent Kilburg for Jackson County Sheriff. We need to move forward.

Mary Hayward