The race for Jackson County Sheriff has easily been the most scrutinized local race of this election season including much discussion of a domestic disturbance in Clinton County involving Jackson County’s Assistant District Attorney, Amanda Lassance. Now it appears there may be information pertinent to the Jackson County Sheriff’s race resulting from this closed case. 

During the KMAQ Sheriff Candidates Forum, Officer Kilburg admitted that he had released information from a Clinton County Sheriff’s Department computer, concerning the Lassance case, to the Maquoketa Sentinel Press. Kilburg, an employee of the Camanche Police Department at the time, rationalized his behavior by asserting that the case was already closed, the released information was public information, an open information request had been filed, although not yet approved, and the public had a right to know. 

Kilburg was less forthcoming on whether all the information revealed was public information and if he had authorization to release that information. Officer Kilburg needs to fully and openly address these questions and the issue deserves more investigation, particularly in light of the lengthy scrutiny endured by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department over this incident.  

Questions remain that are deserving of answers. Was the release of information by Officer Kilburg legal? Did he release unauthorized information? And finally, is this not a story worthy of investigation by the Maquoketa Sentinel Press? I hope that answers will be forthcoming. 

In the meantime, in Steve Schroeder, we have an experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy candidate who has devoted his life to law enforcement and protecting the people of Jackson County. A candidate who is ready, willing, and able to step seamlessly into the office of Jackson County Sheriff on day one.

Donna Duvall