The new jail is up for a third vote once again! I reviewed the proposal paid for with our tax dollars. It raises new questions that need answers from our elected leaders. Why are they refusing to put an addition at the current site on Platt St., and remodel the current facility? Let’s take a closer look at the break down of costs that they are quoting in the current proposal. 

The first set of questions that the voters have are why are the taxpayers paying for all of these “inmate costs?” Doesn’t the county have the legal right to collect all costs occurred from inmates by any means under Iowa law? Such as the $5,135,112 in out of county housing costs. Or the $6,484,339 in out of county transportation costs. What is the $882,721 in “inmate expenses” paying for?

The second set of questions that the tax payers have are with the proposed new facility costs. The first being why is the new jail going to take the same number of personal (11) to staff the new facility? The second is these “inmate expenses” at $3,530,887 These questions must be answered before the vote on March 2!

I am strongly encouraging the voters to vote no on this issue!

Darren White


Editor’s note: The dollar amounts to which White refers are listed in a flyer mailed by the Jackson County Board of Supervisors to Jackson County residents regarding the proposed jail. The flyer also says that if Jackson County does not address the jail’s current problems, expenses for out-of-county housing, transportation and inmate expenses will continue to increase as years go by. Those costs, according to the flier, would be eliminated by a new, larger jail with more classifications.