Iowa is among the many states that has become a cesspool of idiocracy since the 2020 election. We had a great election season, urging people to vote, and the numbers were incredible. But now, Iowa’s GOP is changing that thanks to a new law that shortens the closing time of voting from 9 p.m. to 8 p.m., absentee ballots only get 20 days to mail it in instead of 29, bans county auditors from sending out ballots or face a $100k fine, as a solution to sending out 3 mail-in ballots last year, limits who can return the absentee ballots down to a caretaker for family member, and limits to one ballot box per county, under video surveillance.

This falls in line with other things that Iowa’s GOP-controlled government has done, including the state government controlling our minimum wages, banning Sanctuary Cities, as well as cuts to energy assistance, public schools, COVID protections, and most-recently, allow purchases and carry of guns without permits, even after the mass shooting in Colorado recently, that should’ve stopped that bill from becoming law.

Basically, the GOP loves to harness the 2nd amendment, while violates the 14th, 15th, and 24th amendments, with much gerrymandering, and voter suppression, so they can regain power while losing ours.

The GOP itself will never understand that we, the people, have the right to voice our concerns...not big corps who pay them. And the last election proved that we are their boss: If they aren’t listening to our needs, we can fire them via voting on Election Day. And like Trump, they can whine about their losses, but they will never take the power of the citizens who want things done right like COVID protections.

Reynolds, Koelker, Bradley, and Grassley are all up for re-election next year. To prevent another gerrymandering, which will also happen next year, I urge you to think about what they did these past 5 years and how it’s affecting you. You have that ability to fix what they did wrong, and make Iowa better than this, by voting them out next year.

You are better than this!

Fred Francis