Jackson County residents have been engaged in a conversation about a new county law enforcement center for the past several years. As property taxpayers, the Jackson County Farm Bureau Board of Directors has been monitoring the ongoing discussion and provided input at various opportunities. Recently, at our regular January board meeting, we had the opportunity to better understand the latest proposal and upcoming bond vote. Representatives from the Jackson County Supervisors and newly elected law enforcement officials attended the meeting on January 6 and shared revised plans and associated costs.

Based on this information, and research conducted by your Board, we are recommending a “yes” vote for the upcoming March 2 bond referendum in the amount of $5.9 million.

The current facility, built in 1971, no longer complies with State and Federal mandates, as we have been told through jail inspections going back several years. Most everyone who has toured the current facility agrees that something needs to be done. The safety of our law enforcement community and citizens of Jackson County should be of paramount importance to us all.

Members of our Jackson County Farm Bureau Board have served on the previous jail committee and expressed concerns about the construction cost, operating cost, size, and location of previous proposals. To their credit, the supervisors modified this latest plan to address those concerns. No plan is going to be perfect for everyone, but we believe now is the time to move forward with this project.

Board of Directors

Jackson County Farm Bureau