I first got to know Jessica Kean when she was running for the Iowa House of Representatives back in the day and have followed her political career path through Maquoketa. She has been intelligent,  charming and hard working all the time. Our loss was Denmark’s gain.

So, I say to you Jessica, You Should Gloat! You have every right to brag about your present circumstances, living in a country and amongst people who are more thoughtful and considerate than Americans. Your family is lucky for this experience of living in a community which apparently thinks of other people not as the enemy but actually as a neighborhood which cares for one another. 

Your article in the Maquoketa Sentinel-Press on September 29, 2021, was excellent. You touched on many points, different angles, and more than one point of view. You did it without anger or regrets. Your heart shone as brightly as your smile! I wish you all the best. Thank you for sharing this information of what can, and did, happen elsewhere.

Mary Hayward