Shopping locally is something we not only believe in but make an effort to do when possible. Sometimes the item isn’t available locally or the price difference is too great to ignore yet we understand the importance of shopping at our hometown businesses. 

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have to change our daily routines, and stores have been asked to conduct business in a different manner. We are very grateful to the stores that have made many changes to operate in the safest way possible by having their employees wear a mask, encouraging social distancing, providing hand sanitizer, wiping down counters between customers and using any other method to be safe. 

We have also been in stores that have done very little to create a safe environment for us to shop in. No masks are worn by employees, no hand sanitizer available to use, and no encouraging of social distancing.

Realizing these practices are suggestions and not mandated, as consumers we now have another reason to shop or not to shop locally. When the pandemic is over, we will always remember those stores that were concerned about our health and safety. We will support them in the future. The stores that didn’t show that same concern may not have our support.

We understand businesses have to make decisions. We hope businesses understand the consumer has decisions to make also. We will continue to shop locally where we feel safe and valued.

Jack and Holly Parmer