Tuesday November 3, we finish the process of electing a new Sheriff. We have two good men that are running the gauntlet, hoping to make it through to the end and be the person we select. 

“What makes a good Sheriff?”

First and foremost is being a good leader and good communicator. Positive communication with deputies, support services, the County Board, local police and fire services and the citizens of our county are all equally critical. 

Other traits include integrity and sound moral character, common sense, and social perceptiveness. He/she must have attention to detail, utilize critical thinking. She/he must have stress tolerance and good negotiation skills. Both men share many of these attributes. 

I believe that Brent Kilburg stands hands above. I am certain that the lack of diversity of education, training, and experience gained by Mr. Schroeder in a single small county environment pales in comparison to the amount of training and experience Brent has gained if only because of being a deputy sheriff. 

Brent has operated as: Undercover Narcotics Investigator, Emergency Services Team (EST/SWAT) Team Leader, Community Oriented Policing Officer (COPs), School Resource Officer, Field Training Officer (ensuring new Deputies meet standards, policies, and procedures), Investigator, Evidence Technician, Defensive Tactics Instructor and DARE Officer. 

During military assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan he took charge of a company with over 75 individuals. As “Battle Captain” of the Tactical Operations Center he managed 5 companies each upward of 100 personnel. He served as Battalion Public Affairs Officer and was responsible to coordinate with Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies including the US Embassy and coordinated with other countries representatives including Iraqis, British and Macedonians. 

Military Evaluation Reports comments include: “he is driven, aggressive, and a natural leader,” “demonstrates incredible mental and physical stamina working 12-18 hour days ensuring each mission is a success,” “his potential is unlimited. He should be given additional responsibilities/opportunities to excel.” His superiors clearly felt Brent was an exceptional performer. 

Given this difference of experience in so many vital areas and skill traits, I believe clearly Brent Kilburg is the most qualified for Sheriff of Jackson County. 

Terry (T.K.) Creegan,

CMSgt USAF (ret.)