Coach Kevin Bowman recently announced his resignation as the Head Football Coach at Maquoketa High School. This announcement comes after 33 seasons, 15 of which were at the varsity level. I am writing this letter to you as a former Maquoketa High School football player who had the privilege of playing varsity football for Coach Bowman during the 2009 and 2010 football seasons. His career as a coach is one worth celebrating and appreciating.

Coach Bowman’s character, leadership qualities, enthusiasm, and ability to motivate and teach are all reasons that he has enjoyed success as a high school football coach. While pointing to the number of wins and playoff appearances he recorded would be an easy way to display his successes, Coach Bowman’s focus on prioritizing the experiences of his student-athletes is what made him stand out. Inviting his players to take ownership of their high school football careers is one way he was effective at this. I vividly remember a meeting organized by Coach Bowman before what would be my final season of high school football. Coach Bowman asked us soon-to-be seniors what he could do to make our last year an enjoyable one. This type of coaching style was typical of Coach Bowman, and led to a higher level of devotion felt throughout the program.

Through the triumphs and defeats associated with athletics, there were many lessons to learn from Coach Bowman along the way. Many of his student-athletes will always remember the story of Wally Pipp, the Law of the Jungle, and what a lion and gazelle share in common in the morning. The lessons always went beyond football.

Thank you for your dedication to Maquoketa Football and your student-athletes, Coach Bowman, and congratulations on a great career.

Eric Callahan