Letter to editor

Letter to Editor


I would like to comment on the letter by Norine Hankemeier [published Aug. 3 in the Sentinel-Press]. I enjoyed reading your letter to the editor. I’m glad you as a citizen can speak out. The Sentinel-Press was excellent providing information to the public. I’m so proud of our hometown newspaper. It’s a shame that Amanda Lassance made the wrong choice, having a professional position. It’s a disgrace to these people, their families that make these bad choices. I pray that she gets the professional help for her problem. Also, I do think professional people that make the wrong decision and think they’re above the law should take a leave from their professional positions until the issue is resolved. Other professionals should replace their positions. How many people do these behaviors never get caught? Like I say, it’s who you know. Seems like society’s always for the bad people; corruption goes on everywhere, not just here in Jackson County.

Now, that issue on that jail situation. It has to be built somewhere. There’s state codes, laws, taxes are part of reality in life. No one can escape taxes. When and if they build a new jail, they should consider adding a mental health facility inside the jail, dealing with the problems of these people’s behaviors, crimes, drugs, alcohol. Why are they repeating these behaviors? They need to get these behaviors addressed to stop them. How old are some of these jail repeaters? Some been doing this all their lives. Why? If they build their new jail, they will feel like kings and queens in their new jail palace. Nice place, TV, warm bed, food, medical, visits from family, friends. There are people homeless, people on the borders, veterans. The homeless don’t have it this good. Why don’t you trade places with them? Maybe you will change your minds real fast. You’re living in the United States of America. You want to continue your crimes, drugs, alcohol, murders, disgrace this country and your self-respect. It’s bad enough you have to shame our country. It’s bad enough it’s labeled already and we all know that that is. [They must] realize they do not have it this good. In other countries you will have a dirt floor to sleep on if you were in jail. Think about that, you parasites that spend your lives in and out of jails. Please get the help you need. Have some self-respect for yourselves. All we can do is pray for people like you.

Sheila Starr