Letter to editor

Letter to Editor


Citizens of Maquoketa on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 you have a decision to make

1. To elect a councilman at large. His name is Kevin Kuhlman. He knows about what the kids and teenagers want in this community so I gladly support councilman Kuhlman. I have gotten to know him on a personal level he does care about the youth of the community by developing a skate park.

2. Citizens of the First Ward of Maquoketa you also have the opportunity to vote for a great man Ronald Horan Jr who loves his community and has lived here all his life; he cares about the parks. He also is willing to buck the trend and sometimes vote how he feels based upon facts; he is a great man of faith and courage and he has brought a conscience to the Maquoketa City Council.

So if us citizens of Maquoketa either in the 1st Ward or as the city of a whole honestly care about the community I urge everyone to vote for these two individuals. Voting has now started or you can vote in person on November 5 at Pearson Hall.

Richard E. Stimmel Jr.