Letter to editor

Letter to Editor


Now that the results of the jail issue has been tallied and recorded why is everyone so on edge about the jail issue failing? It only lost 2% wrong and why now are people so upset with their other friends and neighbors living in Jackson County? Those citizens including myself voted no because 1. the jail would’ve cost 6. something million dollars. the issue is it we didn’t need a new jail the issue for me and his some respects others was the cost. 2. the location 3. The trust issues with Sheriff Kettmann chief Deputy Steve Schroeder, our county attorney our deputy county attorney. 4. And the question I have to ask what was the sheriff’s department doing with the prisoners when everyone was taking a tour of the jail. 5. In conclusion I’m going to use a hypothetical statement: do we really want Jim Bob drug dealer’s Family visiting Maquoketa or Jackson County when they themselves are accused of the same. crime I’m sorry that there is a reason Maquoketa is called one of the kind in there also is a reason Jackson County is called simply beautiful and those people who are having a fit about the jail issue failing, stop posting evil and disrespectful comments on Facebook.

Richard E. Stimmel Jr.