Letter to editor

Letter to Editor


I read the article on “Road Buddies” [published in the Sentinel-Press Nov. 6 about two stray dogs at the Jackson County Humane Society]. I have talked to Cora [Sutton at the animal shelter] about this situation at the Humane Society. This county needs a new humane society with more space for these animals. Have we forgotten about our animals? Yes we have. Why are there so many cats, kittens dogs at the humane society? Because some owners do not have the heart of responsibility to take care of their animals, or do not get them spayed or neutered. So they keep on populating. You can’t afford them. Lets disregard them as trash. Or dump them off at someone’s property or here in town. What’s wrong with some people that do this behavior? Your heartless. Simple solution. You do not need pets. Some Elderley people have pets. But what happens to their pets when they pass and family does not want it, where does it go? humane society. People need to think ahead of their situation. But most don’t because your ignorant. You also have people that live in some low-income apartments that have more than 1 pet you can’t afford your rent, food. What the hell are you doing with multiple animals that you can not afford. There should be laws 1 service animal per tenant with license proper papers. Most have smart phones, computers, cable tv, but neglect their pets should we have food stamps for pets!! Theres laws for animal abuse, animal neglect. We got holidays comming up. Some children are going to want a cute little puppy or kitten. And after the excitement of holiday bliss is gone and the responsibility sets in. If a child did not grow up on a farm or have a pet, they know nothing about responsibility. Adults don’t have time they’re too busy working. A pet is a lifetime pet part of the family and when they die you greive their loss. Just like a family member thats for us animal lovers. In the past I have rescued many animals found lifetime homes for them. I know what heart ache is like many who greive over their pets. It was rewarding at that time. But situations change so thats not possible now. There comes a time when a person or people need to speak up. Bottom line you can not invest in a pet for a lifetime, then its easy. Don’t get one. We need a new humane society in Jackson County. We are updating and building new hospital, bank, housing. Where does the Jackson County Humane Society fit in. Something for the county to consider.

Sheila Starr