The schematic designs of the new hospital proposal came out in the Sentinel-Press and it’s clear from the illustrations that it has a third-rate roof – another flat roof!

A pitch roof does cost some more. However, a lot of that extra cost is recovered at the time of construction due to a great saving in attic insulation cost. One can use a much lower cost of blown insulation — plus it will generally result in higher R factor at lower cost and it will retain its value longer without hardly any maintenance cost. With a flat roof the extra maintenance costs never end.

As John Cressey knows, our church has one pitch roof and one flat roof. The flat roof has caused an immense expense throughout the years; almost every year we are spending maintenance and repair money on that roof and also on the contents of that building that get damaged.

The hospital board is proposing to spend $35 million to $40 million. The taxpayers of this county provide over $1 million per year. The taxpayers are entitled to a top-grade roof, not a third-rate deal.

It’s a real travesty that your board can impose such a lousy specification on the people of Jackson County with no opportunity to vote on it.

Ross River