The low voter turnout affected the totals Tuesday night. It is dismaying to see how low a priority participating in local elections and local government is. I congratulate Mr. Holm on his win and wish him the best.

As for me, I will serve out the rest of my term advocating for our city parks and outdoor recreation. I will continue to fight for inclusiveness for handicapped citizens, such as enforcing handicap parking laws and ending the policy of allowing delivery trucks and semis to use handicap parking spaces as business loading and unloading zones. I hope to be reappointed to committees and boards to further these causes.

I have been granted a special privilege to lead our community that few take advantage of. A big thank you goes out to all those who helped and supported my campaign. Your confidence compels me to continue to press for the interests and rights of all residents.

 I am honored to have served under Mayor Schwenker and with the members of the city council. I hope to continue to be a voice for positive change in Maquoketa. Regards.

Ronald Horan Jr.