The ads are in all newspapers. They advertise free kittens or cats to good homes or kittens to give away. 

Why do these people have so many free kittens to give away? I will tell you why, these people are not responsible pet owners to have their animals spayed or neutered. Why? Are you ignorant to your responsibilities? Yes! You are and also heartless. I’ve heard these excuses. I can’t afford it. But you can afford kittens. More cat population. Oh, I live in the country they can take care of themselves. Really! Do you feed them everyday? Also cats that been inside a warm environment you cannot just put them outside in cold elements. And expect them to survive on their own. But a lot of ignorant people believe that oh, it’s just an animal. Guess what you’re an animal too. Sure not human if you can abuse animals. 

Also just because a person or people came to your home to get these free kittens or cats, you’re going to trust them. These people are scammers, they use these kittens to run dogs and for dog fights to see which dog kills kitten first. 

Also reptile owners get these free kittens and feed them to their snakes. They also sell these kittens, cats, among other animals to testing labs. All over the United States. Just like your monkeys and lab rats. An under cover investigation did a news show on this a couple years ago. And if you viewed this it will affect your mind. 

Another problem is how can felons, drug addicts, alcoholics, domestic abusers acquire these animals from shelters? Sorry to say not all shelters do a good background check. These criminals are going to abuse animals. You see the abuse of these animals on the news all the time. You have some people living in low income apartments they can’t afford the rent, electric, or on food stamps. What the heck you doing having a pet? Then when you realize you can afford the animal it goes where? To the shelter because of your stupidity. No common sense at all. 

Pets are suppose to be lifetime pet part of your family, forever pets with holidays coming up. Let’s go to the shelter, get a cute little animal, then when the excitement wears off or the responsibility and the animal is no longer cute and cuddly lets throw it out the door or back to the shelter. 

Put yourself in the place of that animal. Most people in the world are cold hearted, selfish, and heartless. There are a lot of us who are great animal lovers. We rescue, save, do what ever it takes to save animals. But we are limited. We can only do so much. Please neuter, spay all your pets and treat them with kindness. And if you have extra money donate it to the shelters, they’re all over. We would not have over population of animals if people had responsibility for their pets.

Sheila Starr