After the Ozark Jubilee: Branson Country Xmas Nov. 30, an accident in the Ohnward Fine Arts Center parking lot damaged three cars and possibly injured one person.

Driver Darrel Dee West, 83, of Onslow, attributed the accident to a stuck throttle on his Ford F150 pickup. The towing company couldn’t find a problem with the vehicle’s accelerator. West was not cited, according to the accident report.

West was backed into a parking spot and waiting for Diane Marie Vaske, 68, of Bernard, to back out of another parking stall, according to the accident report. As Vaske backed out and started forward to exit, West moved forward, T-boning Vaske’s vehicle.

West continued to accelerate, pushing Vaske’s vehicle, then striking an unoccupied, parked vehicle head-on.

The truck continued forward, pushing the parked vehicle and almost hitting a pedestrian before turning north, continuing to accelerate, crossing E. Platt Street and striking a chain link fence. The truck spun around and continued east until it struck a utility pole.

Only Vaske sustained possible minor injuries in the accident.

The accident disabled three vehicles. West’s truck sustained about $10,000 damage, with Vaske’s Dodge Caravan sustaining about $3,000 and the parked vehicle sustaining about $7,000 damage. The Jackson County fairgrounds fence sustained about $1,000 damage, as did a utility pole and meter.