Sophomore Connor Jargo is excited to see the harvest of Easton Valley’s FFA test plot, but everyone agrees that harvest looks to be a little while yet.

Jargo got a sneak peak of the plot’s progress when the FFA held a test plot night last month on their 6-acred plot south of Miles. Seed dealers from five of the seven varieties were on hand to observe the progress of the corn, which Jargo and various volunteers prepared, planted June 8, and maintained throughout the summer. 

They picked an ear of corn from each variety, seeing a range in maturity among the ears. Jargo earned positive comments from attendees, who praised the test plot’s efforts for FFA and Jargo’s future.

Doug Lane from the FFA Boosters brought a grill out to the plot site, grilling with the help of Aaron Fier. Tickets to win a grill were available (one ticket for $5 or 5 tickets for $20).

Inputs for the test plot were donated, and proceeds from the sale of the grain will go to the FFA, making this not only an educational tool for Jargo, but also a major FFA fundraiser.

Jargo is the son of Ryan and Melissa Jargo, who operate Jargo Family Farms. They donated the use of the test plot and most of the equipment and fuel to make the project happen.

Like the rest of the farming community, Jargo and others involved in the test plot are excited to see what harvest brings this fall.