Jackson County supervisors Nov. 12 turned down a request for another public hearing on a possible general fund loan for Prairie Creek cabins and campground developments.

In March, the supervisors had turned down a request for a $2.5 million loan for the campground and cabins. The loan would have been backed by the county's general fund, though conservation director Daryl Parker said that expected revenues from Prairie Creek would cover the loan payments.

Nov. 12, supervisor Jack Willey hesitated to re-start the public conversation on Prairie Creek before a bond vote for a new jail, which could be set for March. "I want to see the outcome of that vote," he said.

The November request was a half million less than the loan considered earlier in the year.

Nov. 12, supervisor Larry McDevitt, who also sits on the conservation board, made a motion to set the public hearing, but the motion died for lack of a second.

Parker is retiring, and Nathan Jones will start as conservation director Jan. 6.