Maquoketa law enforcement dispatch received the following calls for service: 

Aug. 10

Harassment via phone reported, South Fourth Street, Maquoketa.

Domestic incident reported, Caves Road.

Bellevue firefighters responded to the smell of natural gas in a house at 101 S. Third St. Scene was cleared in about 30 minutes.

Bellevue firefighters and ambulance responded to a two-vehicle accident at 21582 Highway 62. 

Aug. 11

Three horses loose and standing on the shoulder of the road, 1412 N. Highway 67.

Domestic incident reported, Maquoketa.

Burglary reported, motion alarms going off, Timber Lanes, Maquoketa.

Natural gas line reportedly hit, 20251 Highway 62. Bellevue firefighters responded and cleared the scene after about 30 minutes.

Vehicle unlock, 510 E. Platt St., Maquoketa.

Dispute reported, Andrew.

Tote and debris in the passing lane, North Fork Bridge.

Report of vehicle leaving The Car Wash without paying, Bellevue.

Accident reported, 150th Street and Highway 62.

Second time a large bag of clothes was found, spread all over in trees, etc., 121 S. Olive St., Maquoketa.

Vehicle vs. deer, 150th Street and 162nd Avenue.

Tall grass complaints on West Degroat and South Mitchell streets, Preston.

Kids reportedly knocking over recycling bins on Cynthia and Lisa drives, Maquoketa.

Vehicle unlock, 10756 98th St.

Aug. 12

Dog complaint, Andrew.

Caller reported a burglary at 31085 Iron Bridge Road. Said garage was torn up and someone painted a gate.

Lost billfold reported, Maquoketa.

Harassment reported, North Fourth Street, Maquoketa.

Bicycle reported stolen, 604 State St., Bellevue.

Trespassing reported, people flying drone in yard, then jumped person’s gate and went onto locked porch to retrieve drone.

Eviction cleanout revealed four laptops and two tablets belonging to Maquoketa and Davenport school, Woodland East Trailer Court.

Domestic incident reported, Maquoketa.

Multiple-vehicle accident reported, Highway 52/Jefferson Avenue.

Vehicles unlocked at 102 David St. and 801 E. Platt St., Maquoketa.

Blue Polaris Sportsman 400 reported stolen, 145 200th Ave.

Vehicle unlock at 20529 300th Ave.

Vehicle vs. deer, 12738 150th St.

Aug. 13

Vehicle unlock, 500 S. Sixth St.

Tall grass complaint. North Walnut Street, Maquoketa.

Report of a trailer stolen last May, 206 S. Vermont St., Maquoketa.

Civil issue reported regarding someone trying to pour concrete on another’s property, South Prospect Street.

Complaint about neighbor raising chickens in backyard, South Fifth Street. Law enforcement advised that was not allowed per city ordinance. Owners agreed to remove chickens.

Complaint of people going door-to-door allegedly selling window products and possibly not having permit, South Otto Street, Maquoketa.

Vandalism reported, 26 Allen St., Preston. Caller came home to find five holes in camper.

Vehicle unlock, 5168 47th St.

Vandalism reported, 305 Broad St., Sabula. Back window of a residence damaged.

Cows out on gravel road, 346th Avenue/High Bridge Road.

Bank card reported stolen and items being bought with it, 1019 W. Platt St., Maquoketa.

Report of a possible underage drinking party taking place, 195th Street.

Loud party reported, Bellevue State Park Dyas Unit.

Maquoketa firefighters responded to the smell of fire, possible from an exhaust fan, 801 E. Platt St., Maquoketa. Scene cleared in 20 minutes.

Miles and Preston firefighters responded to reports of burning garbage that caught grass on fire at 7140 345th Ave. They cleared the scene after about 30 minutes.

Aug. 14

Suspicious activity reported, 111th Street. Two men sitting in truck bed with lawn chairs. They were waiting for the meteor shower.

Cows out, 9000 block of Highway 61.

Report of person banging on door trying to get in, 400 S. Fourth St., Bellevue.

Report of meth pipe in parking lot by a shoe as well as blood, chunks of dreadlocks, and a shirt, 1211 E. Platt St., Maquoketa.

Cows on the road, 110th Street/Highway 62.

Domestic incident reported, Woodland North Trailer Court, Maquoketa.

Junk and grass complaint, South Matteson Street, Maquoketa.

Domestic incident reported, Preston.

Vehicle doing donuts in parking lot, West School and South West streets, Preston.

Handgun found on rental property and person wants to turn it in, 5030 600th Ave.

Property dispute reported, 211 River St., Sabula.

Domestic incident reported, 4 N. Main St., Preston.

Aug. 15

Harassing and threatening messages being received, no idea where coming from, 3450 Highway 62.