Maquoketa law enforcement dispatch received the following calls for service:

Oct. 5

Tree across the road at 184th Street east of transfer station.

Road washed out at 134th Street and 216th Avenue.

Calf on the road near new concrete on 239th Avenue and Centerville Road. Pasture is rented out, but neighboring farmer said calf usually gets out in afternoon, eats grass in ditch, then goes back in.

Stop light northbound on Main Street at Platt Street stuck on red.

Car in ditch at 7373 Caves Road. Unable to locate.

Report of online harassment in group chat.

ATVs tearing up area of 12940 216th Ave.

Telephone pole on fire at Highway 62 and Bellevue-Cascade Road.

Oct. 7

Loud noise at the G Spot.

Someone driving around screaming, by 811 S. Main St.

Road washed out at 216th Avenue and 234th Avenue.

Two men fighting near Broad Street and Quarry Street in Sabula. One man came on an ATV to get money from another man, who came out in his underwear and hit the first man with a two-by-four.

One-vehicle accident at 435th Avenue and Highway 52, hit tree, fire. Air care unable to fly. Trains stopped.

Report of online harassment.

Violation of no-contact order at 305 N. Main St.

Pink bathroom sink and flat-screen TV on edge of road at 82nd Avenue.

Report of kids trying to beat up another at library.

Tree fell on car at 16200 block of Highway 52.

Report of someone peeking through window at child at Woodland North Trailer Court.

Break-in reported at 318 N. Second St., Maquoketa.

Deer versus vehicle at 7272 Caves Road.

Man yelling at house at 317 S. Fourth St., Maquoketa.

Raccoon walking across Kwik Star parking lot in the rain.

Vehicle flipped underwater, with one subject trapped, at 136th and 210th Avenue, Clinton County.

Oct. 8

Black-and-white dog with pink sweater running loose at East Locust and South Matteson streets.

Van rollover at 150th Street and Highway 61. Damage to bridge guardrail and lots of debris.

Black and white cow with green tag loose at Joinerville Park.

Unmoved vehicle at PerXactly’s parking lot. Lines can’t be painted. Owners are trying to get money for alternator.

Trouble with employee at 20070 328th Avenue.

Kids fighting at Maquoketa Middle School.

Caller angry about street sweeper out shortly before 11 p.m.

Motorcyclist at speeds up to 80 miles per hour, from Flapjack’s to 400th Avenue and Highway 64.

Vehicle versus deer at 11000 block of 50th Avenue.

Electrical pole on fire at 141 Riverside St., Bellevue.

Oct. 9

Three kids reported with possession of tobacco at Maquoketa High School.

Two bikes stolen at 213 E. Pleasant St.

Accident at Third and State streets, Bellevue.

Small, unsupervised child riding bike at Fawn Brook Estates, Maquoketa

Bikes taken from garage and put in yard at 309 E. Pleasant St.

Dispute among business partners over Mustang and Snap-On toolbox and tools, at 603 Water St.

Dispute on Austin Avenue and West Pleasant Street.

Dispute with worker at 319 S. Main St.

Oct. 10

Warning for moderate flooding, including Maquoketa River near Maquoketa. Expected peak at 26.7 Thursday night, causing significant agricultural flooding and impacts on the city of Maquoketa.

Expansion joint coming apart on bridge at south end, southbound side, near 175th Street and Highway 61.

Harassment report from 18837 55th St.

Reported harassment of employees at driver’s license station in Dubuque, from Woodland North Trailer Court.

188th Street closed by Farmers Creek. Water over highway by Monmouth. Barricades on 50th Avenue to Eden Avenue.

Prairie Creek over road at 174th Avenue and First Street.

Report of counterfeit bills at Woodland East Trailer Court.

Report of deaf man shining flashlight in windows. He was looking at spiders.

Police in Galena interviewing subjects regarding thefts of coin-operated machines.