Court news

Brandon Lee Strub, 22, of 9176 Pheasant Lane, Dubuque, pleaded guilty to operating while intoxicated, first offense, and was sentenced to 180 days in jail, with 178 days suspended and credit for time already served, as well as a fine of $1,250, plus court costs, a 35 percent surcharge, and a $10 DARE surcharge.

On April 1, a report of a vehicle all over the road on Highway 61 led to a traffic stop. The driver, identified as Strub, exhibited signs of impairment. Test results showed that he did not have alcohol in his system, but he admitted he would fail a urine test for marijuana, according to court documents.

Amber Marie Teles, 33, of 9601 35th St., Maquoketa, was charged with driving while barred.

On Aug. 17, an officer stopped Teles while driving near the 800 block of West Platt Street. Her vehicle registration was expired, and a records check showed that Teles’ license is currently barred, according to court documents.

Jasmine Lynette Terrell, 26, of 109 W. Maple St., Maquoketa, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of other violations, misdemeanor, and was fined $250, plus court costs and surcharges.

On Feb. 17, according to court documents, an officer stopped Terrell for operating a vehicle at the 100 block of South Prospect Street, Maquoketa, while her license was barred.

Rollin Ray Waddell, 51, of 211 S. Olive St., Maquoketa, was charged with domestic abuse assault, injury or mental illness, first offense.

On Aug. 16, according to court documents, the defendant pushed a victim onto a couch, leaving red marks on her upper chest or neck area.

Joshua Albert Wiese, 33, of 505 Rosemere Lane, Apt. 1, Maquoketa, was charged with domestic abuse assault, second offense.

According to court documents, on Aug. 23, Wiese pushed a victim onto a bed during an argument, knowing there was a protective order in place between them at 14 Harvard Ave.