Officers asked robbery suspect Garry Evilsizer about “the knife in the backseat of his car” — not even knowing there was a knife there, according to court documents.

“I did not know there was a knife in the car, but wanted to see what his response was going to be,” Officer Jayson Heiar wrote in the criminal complaint which accused Evilsizer of robbery at knifepoint.

Evilsizer, 70, of Miles, replied that “he must have forgot about it,” according to the complaint.

Heiar asked Evilsizer to show him the knife, and Evilsizer unwrapped paper towels containing a knife that appeared to match that used in the robbery.

In searching Evilsizer’s car and apartment, however, police did not find the cash Evilsizer allegedly took from Jesse’s Automotive/Mini-Mart Jan. 4. 

“Several leads are being followed up on to determine where Garry spent the cash,” Heiar wrote.

When officers pulled Evilsizer over in his red Kia Jan. 5, he had appeared nervous and handed officers his bank statement and past due rent papers.

Evilsizer was arrested in connection with the Jan. 4 knifepoint robbery at the Miles convenience store. He was charged with second-degree robbery, a Class C felony, as well as driving without a license.

— Reported by Sara Millhouse