The Maquoketa Ministerial Association announced a new Errand Service Ministry for Maquoketa citizens who are staying home to protect themselves from the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Do you need groceries picked up or a prescription?  Maybe you are running out of stamps?  The association will assign your errand to one of the area churches and an errand runner will take care of it for you.  If you are a senior or have an underlying health condition and need to stay quarantined, please contact the Maquoketa Ministerial Association for support.

Please call First United Methodist Church at 652-4420 or (712) 269-6968 (in emergency only) to make arrangements for the errands.  Give them your name, address, phone # and what kind of errand you need.  You will need to have a form of payment, if relevant (e.g. for the groceries, prescriptions, etc.), available for the errand runner upon pick-up.  Member congregations of the Maquoketa Ministerial Association will be providing this service free of charge to you.

The Maquoketa Ministerial Association includes clergy and other faith community leadership of the greater Maquoketa area community, including the following Maquoketa congregations:  East Iron Hill Community Church, Faith Community Church, First Baptist Church, First Lutheran Church, First United Methodist Church, Maquoketa United Church of Christ, Prairie Creek Church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and St. Marks Episcopal Church. The association also includes Community of Christ Church, Charlotte; Delmar/Elwood United Methodist Church; and Faith United Methodist Church, Baldwin/Monmouth.

For additional information, contact:  Pastor Neil Harrison, President, Maquoketa Ministerial Association and Senior Pastor, First Lutheran Church, Maquoketa, (563) 652-6777 or