Prayers were said on Sunday to offer a 1:1 activity with our residents.  A worship service was played on the front lounge television and then John Wayne movies were watched throughout the rest of the day in the lounge by a few residents who like to sit there.  Some of the residents had phone calls from their loved ones and others had video chat provided.  Residents had family members visit them at the window and a phone was provided so they could listen to each other.  

In the morning the residents are offered fresh water and conversation daily.  Music is played on the Smart television throughout the lunch hour.  Face Time is offered in the afternoon as a way for the residents to connect with their loved ones.  This is offered throughout the week and families are encouraged to call and set up times to do so.  

Monday and Thursday a few residents still play Radio Bingo with KMAQ.  Individual daubers are provided and disinfected after, and the cards are disposable.  The residents still enjoy some bingo during this time!  Popcorn is popped on Thursday and the residents still enjoy this each week.  

We are still using the front lounge television for worship services, rosary prayer, music, educational programs, old movies, popular television shows and game shows too.  There are many things a smart television is capable of!   

The Activity Staff provide 1:1 room activities to the residents throughout the week.  This includes ice cream and snacks, rolling happy hour, word-search puzzles, mazes, word unscrambles, educational programs on the iPad, story time, devotional readings, and many other things.  There is never a lack of something to do throughout the day.  The residents are kept informed of the situation and any changes that may occur.  Education is provided with the importance and use of hand sanitizer and washing hands.  

Families are contacted each week multiple times with updates on what their loved ones are doing and how they are staying busy. Emails, phone calls and other means of contact are used to reassure families their loved ones are safe during this time.  

Guidelines by the Center for Disease Control and the Iowa Health Care Association are being followed strictly to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to our residents.  The residents appreciate the care they are receiving and understand we are protecting them as much as possible. These times are difficult, but our residents have great support from their loved ones and from the staff here at Maquoketa Care Center.  

Thank you again for understanding and stay safe and healthy!  We look forward to having visitors again in the future!  



Sunday kicked off our week with resident’s choice at 10 a.m. Monday exercise was held in the main hallway at 10 a.m., followed by manicures at 10:30. 

The residents enjoyed hallway trivia at 2 p.m. Tuesday exercise was held in the main hallway at 10 a.m., followed by book club. 

Bingo, one of the residents’ favorites, was held in the main hallway at 2 p.m. 

We warmed up our Wednesday with hallway exercise. The residents listened to the golden age of country while exercising. Marvin, one of our own residents sang for us in the main hallway at 2 p.m. 

Jill, a resident’s family member, brought her puppies by the facility. Jill walked around the entire building, bringing lots of smiles in every window! 

Thursday worship was held in the main hallway, we sang our favorite hymns together. After singing we streamed worship live. Bingo was held at 2 p.m. in the main hallway. 

Friday book club was held in the main hallway at 10 a.m. The residents enjoyed a game of kickball. 

Saturday, we ended our week with wheel and walk along with many letters and calls from our family and friends. Be safe, on to next week’s adventures.