January 2019

Walnut Grove Investments Inc. to Oak Tree Properties LLC, Jackson County Schwenkers 12th Addn Lot 59 and Lot 60

Vincent P. Kilburg Trustee, Judy K. Kilburg Trustee, Vincent P. Kilburg Trustee, Kilburg Family Revocable Trust and Kilburg Family Revocable Trust to Tricia L. Holdgrafer and Scott L. Holdgrafer, Section 8 Jackson Township SW Part

Dennis P. Manders to Joshua J. Knepper and Jessica M. Knepper, Section 8 Otter Creek Township SW SW Parcels N, Section 17 Otter Creek Township Part

Bobbi S. Gerardy to Shawn G. Gerardy, Maquoketa Meadowdale 1st Addn Lot 45

Shawn G. Gerardy and Shawn Gerardy to Robert Freiberg, Maquoketa Meadowdale 1st Addn Lot 45

Scott T. Bowman, Scott Bowman, Linda K. Bowman and Linda Bowman to Kaylee M. Merritt and Eric L. Fagan, Section 28 South Fork Township Parcel C

Jeffrey G. Streeper, Margeaxu A. Miller, Margeaux A. Miller and Margeaux Miller to Northwest Bank and Trust Company, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Maquoketa Dunbars Addn Blk 1 Lot 5

Stephen A. Klein II to Victor E. Thoma, Section 12 Otter Creek Township NW Part

Nicholas T. Gleason and Nicolas Gleason to Elizabeth K. Gleason, includes easement and well interest, Section 13 Bellevue Township NE Brockhages Subdn Lot 5, Lot 1 Part, Jackson County Brockhages Subdn Lot 5, and Lot 1 Part

Newtek Small Business Finance LLC to CCC Real Estate Holding Company LLC, Section 30 Maquoketa Township NE NE Parcel B

Clark G. Todd and Denise J. Clark to Lorin W. Felderman, Maquoketa Shaws 4th Addn Blk 9 Lot 1 see record, Lot 2 see record

Lorin W. Felderman to Stacie A. Meier, Maquoketa Shaws Addn Blk 9 Lot 1 see record and Lot 2 see record

Danny L. Beck and Carla S. Beck to Alta K. Long Trust and Alta K. Long, Spragueville Lot 13 see record

Terra L. Owen to Michael P. Owen, Maquoketa Meadowdale 2nd Addn Lot 37 except N 1’ and Lot 38

Theodore A. Ernst and Kimberly L. Ernst to Theodore A. Ernst Trustee, Theodore A. Ernst Trust, Kimberly L. Ernst Trustee, Kimberly L. Ernst Trust Undivided 1/2 Interest, Jackson County River Point Estates Lot 19 and Lot A of Lot 20

Steven R. Rutenbeck and Nancy L. Rutenbeck to Wihden R. Aise and Carolyn J. Aise, Maquoketa Eddys 1st Addn Lot 45 see record

Robert W. Henningsen Family Trust, Daniel T. Henningsen Trustee and Gail E. Feller Trustee to Henningsen Assets LLC Series 2, Preston Henningsen Subdivision Lot 3

Kathryn J. Crist and Kathryn J. Wylie to James D. Wylie, Section 30 Maquoketa Township Part

James D. Wylie to Kathryn J. Crist, Kathryn J. Wylie, Section 28 Maquoketa Township SW NE Eberhart Acres 1st Addn Lot 3, Jackson County Eberhart Acres 1st Addn Lot 3

Donnie Max Weets Estate and Barbara Y. Weets Executor to Barbara Y. Weets, Maquoketa Gibsons Subdn Blk 1, Lot 1 E 147.5’

Cedar Grover Investments Inc. to Oak Tree Properties LLC, Jackson County Leisure Lake Unit 3 Blk 12 Lot 1, Lot 2, Lot 3 and Lot 4

Marita M. Goldsmith Mootz Estate, Marita M. Mootz Goldsmith Estate, Goldsmith Marita M. Mootz Estate, Glynn Kimberly A. Executor and Patricia M. Murphy Executor to Bellevue Community School District, Bellevue Parcel AAA, Bellevue Parcel BBB

Stephen M. Purcell, Amber L. Purcell and Jackson County Sheriff to Bank of America NA, Bellevue Lot 221 W 1/2 

Betty A. Jerome Estate, Jane A. Kelly Executor to Jane A. Kelly, Maquoketa Eddys 2nd Addn Lot 57 S 60’ and Lot 58 S 60’

Amanda J. Drew, Amanda J. Edwards and Amanda D. Edwards to Gary M. Drew and Marilyn K. Drew, Section 24 South Fork Township NW Part

Jennifer Abitz to Lorin A. Ahlers, Jackson County Schwenkers 7th Addn Lot 22, Jackson County Schwenkers 7th Addn Lot 23 W 1/2

Lawrence E. Gregorich Sr., Larry E. Gregorich and Lawrence E. Gregorich to Brett R. Walter, Section 35 Fairfield Township NW NW SW Part

Christopher E. Prichard and Chris E. Prichard to Jeffrey Junk, Undivided 1/2 interest, Section 36 Tete des Morts Township Roy Cheney Subdn Blk 3 Lot 3, Jackson County Roy Cheney Subdn Blk 3 Lot 3

Jordan L. Steines to Richard P. Steines and Marcia A. Steines, Bellevue Witter Subd Lot 3

Christopher E. Prichard and Chris E. Prichard to Earl L. Thoma, Section 17 Tete des Morts Township NE SE Parcel A

Mark A. Junk, Paula C. Junk and Paula C. Flammang to David T. Lindecker and Colleen A. Lindecker, Section 11 Fairfield Township SW NE Part

William H. Bullock to Sheri A. Bullock, Maquoketa Hillside Acres Addn Lot 29

Rudd Rudluff to The Gianduia Company LLC, Gianduia Company LLC, Maquoketa Shaws 4th Addn Blk 2 Lot 16, Maquoketa Shaws 2nd Addn Blk 2 Lot 1 and Lot 2, see record