October 2018

David N. Luett Trustee, Elaine A. Luett Trustee and David N. Luett to Elaine Luett Trustee, David N. Luett Trustee, Elaine A. Luett, undivided 1/2 interest, Section 34 South Fork Township SW Part

Reece Inc. to Rudd Rudluff, Maquoketa Shaws 4th Addn Blk 2 Lot 16 N 36’, Maquoketa Shaws 2nd Addn Blk 2 Lot 1 see record, Maquoketa Shaws 2nd Addn Blk 2 Lot 2 see record

Theodore F. Nims Estate and Tod L. Nims Administrator to Milton L. Cornelius and Patricia L. Cornelius, Andrew Out Lot 3 see record

Emily S. Medinger, Emily S. Russell to Chase M. Medinger to Steven J. Ruff Sr. and Sally Ann Ruff, Bellevue Lot 449 Part

Steven Ruff Sr., Sally A. Ruff and Sally Ann Ruff to Chase M. Medinger and Emily S. Medinger, Bellevue Riviera Belle Estate Lot 41

David M. Cox, David Cox, Bobbi Jo Cox Petersen, Bobbi Jo Cox Petersen and Cox Bobbi Jo Petersen to Kenneth L. Schmidt and Amanda M. Schmidt, Preston Moellenhofs 1st Addn Blk 5 Lot 2

Harry Hermansen, Cheryl Hermansen and Cheryl L. Hermansen to Delbert Potter and Deborah Potter, Jackson County Leisure Lake Unit 3 Blk 15 Lot 10 and Lot 11

Felix A. Frye and Rosemary M. Frye to David G. Young and Carol S. Young, Sabula Half Block Blk 2 Lot 4 S 45’

Mary E. Walters Estate, Sharon L. Holmes Executor and Jeffrey R. Walters Executor to Tyler M. Ohl and Haley M. Young, Section 19 Monmouth Township SE NW Parcel C

Farmers Savings Bank to Timothy J. Stierman and Amy M. Stierman, Section 2 Otter Creek Township Part

Joyce E. Miller and Joyce Miller to Jeremy J. Machael and Amanda J. Machael, Maquoketa Rosemere Acres 1st Addn Lot 3 N 76’ and Lot 4 S 4’

Warren F. Amling, Warren Amling and Robin D. Amling to Zachary Amling and Casey Amling, Section 6 Bellevue Township Parcel B

Barbara A. Mussmann, Mussmann Barbara Herrig, Barbara Mussmann Herrig and Barbara Herrig Mussmann to Joseph A. Peters III, Bellevue Foreys Addn Lot 74 E. 60’

Jackson County Sheriff, Lonnie James Crafton, Lonnie J. Crafton, Julie Rae Crafton, Julie R. Crafton, Regions Bank, Regions Mortgage, Union Planters Bank NA and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., to Federal National Mortgage Association, Maquoketa Meadowdale 1st Addn Lot 20

Brenden A. Eggers to Jonathan L. Poll, to Tabitha A. Poll, Bellevue Lot 487 Part

David C. Pregler and Patricia L.Pregler to David C. Pregler and Patricia L. Pregler, Section 27 Otter Creek Township NE SE Parcel A

Michael J. Ploessl and Michael Ploessl to Melissa S. Lang, Bellevue Lot 307 N 56’

David R. Snowden, Patricia M. Snowden, Patricia Marie Snowden, Patricia Marie Dever and Patricia Marie Dever to Joshua E. Hess and Kristy L. Hess, Maquoketa Blk 12 Lot 12

Evelyn L. Fagerland Estate, Karen L. Slattery Executor and Kendra L. Beck Executor to Mark A. Beck and Kendra L. Beck, Section 24 South Fork Township NW see record, Maquoketa River Front Addn Lot 25 and adjoining land


November 2018

Lonnie L. Helmle and Ruth A. Helmle to Lonnie L. Helmle Trustee, Lonnie L. Helmle Family Trust, Ruth A. Helmle Trustee and Ruth A. Helmle Family Trust, Section 1 Fairfield Township NW Part and Section 2 Fairfield Township Part

Betty J. Budde to Victoria L. Putman, Kathy A. Boesenberg, James C. Budde, Bandy Debbie J. Budde, Debbie J. Bandy Budde and Debbie J. Budde Bandy, Undivided 1/4 Interest Bellevue Lot 31