The computerized drawing

The computerized drawing shows the splash pad that the volunteer group Delmar Development will build at Norton Park in Delmar. The group also will build a regulation-size basketball court there.

The parts have arrived, and children should enjoy them sometime this June.

The plumbing and fixtures for the Norton Park Splash Pad and basketball court in Delmar should be installed sometime after the frost leaves the ground, according to members of Delmar Development. The group of volunteers operates under the mission “Small Town, Big Vision” and acquired about $100,000 in grants and donations for the park improvement project.

“The plumbing and fixtures are here in town and will be ready to go come spring,” said member Steve Jebsen.

The splash pad will be family-friendly, handicap-accessible, and is meant to draw families to the small town on the Jackson/Clinton County line. The splash pad will be a paved area where water would shoot up from the ground or other above-ground formation when a person approached it. 

The plumbing and equipment will take about 10 days to three weeks to install, Jebsen said.

The regulation-size basketball court will take about a day to prepare if enough volunteers help.

A grand opening for the new amenities could come as early as the second week in June, members said.

Kids and families will be able to splash around in the park for free.

“People are amazed that use of the splash pad is going to be free,” Delmar Mayor Patty Hardin said. “But it isn’t going to be something they have to pay for. You have to give back [to the community].”

She said the city will likely pay less than $50 a month for the water feature’s upkeep. The city also will regulate use of the splash pad, turning the water on and off depending on city mandates.

Delmar Development must raise about $5,000 more to cover all associated project costs, which total about $100,000. The group raised some $20,000 in the two years it’s been working on the project, hosting concerts at the Delmar Depot, farmers market sales, vendor show, a bus trip, and most recently a Fright Night run on Halloween. The group also received an $80,000 grant from the Clinton County Development Association.

The group also is selling benches and bricks to be placed in Norton Park. Each brick and bench will be personally engraving to memorialize a loved one, cheer on a favorite team, etc. However, they must be family-friendly.

A 4-inch-by-8-inch brick costs $50 and includes 18 letters plus spaces per line for two lines. An 8-inch-by-8-inch brick costs $100 and includes 18 letters plus spaces per line for four lines.

A 6-foot park bench costs $1,500 and includes 40 letters plus spaces on two lines.

All purchases are tax-deductible. 

Completed order forms and payment can be returned to Clinton National Bank in Delmar, mailed to Delmar Development, P.O. Box 183 Delmar, Iowa 52037, or given to any Delmar Development member (Hardin, Todd Hawley, Steve and Cathie Jebsen, Daryl and Lou Ann Eberhart, Loras and Pam Frost, Evan Jebsen, Jennie Usher, Linda House, Stacey Eads and Chris Budde).

Visions for more Delmar improvements don’t stop there, however. The volunteer group envisions a band shelter for concerts, maybe disc golf, and other attractions at Norton Park in the future. It’s all part of the group’s larger goal to bring businesses and industry to Delmar.