Mark Allen Baker

A Wyoming man was charged with assault after grabbing Maquoketa’s city manager and verbally threatening him.

Mark Allen Baker, 55, of Wyoming, was taken into custody by the Maquoketa Police Department Nov. 3 after walking up behind city manager Gerald Smith, grabbing him by the back of the neck and left arm and shaking him, according to court documents filed in Jackson County.

Smith called the Maquoketa Law Center to report the incident at about 11:45 p.m. Nov. 2 after leaving PerXactly Bar and Grill, 110 S. Olive St., Maquoketa.

According to court documents, Baker threatened Smith with bodily harm, telling him, “You do not value your life talking to my girlfriend.” 

Smith said he did not know Baker or his girlfriend before the Nov. 2 incident.

“I happened to be at a place where someone thought they knew me,” Smith said.

Other people at the bar, according to the report, stepped in and pulled Baker off Smith, who then left the bar.

Smith suffered from pain where Baker grabbed his neck and arm and squeezed them, then shook him, according to court documents.

Smith said he filed an incident report “to shut down the rumor mill in town,” then informed Maquoketa City Council members of the incident.

Baker was released Nov. 3 on a promise to appear.