Jeremy Theisen, right, jams live with Jake Bender and the Dingleberries in this photo from years ago.

A musical tribute to a well-known Bellevue man who passed away last summer is tentatively being planned for this coming summer.

Jay Theisen last week asked the Bellevue City Council for permission to organize what he is calling “Jerome-Fest,” which would be a tribute to the late Jeremy Theisen, who was an avid local musician and a father of six.

“We are calling it Jerome Fest because Jerome was his nick-name,” Jay explained in a phone interview with the Herald-Leader. “A few musicians had reached out to me saying that we need to do this, so I am leading the charge, and hopefully we can get it done and it won’t be affected by the COVID thing.”

The event, which is planned for June 12, would feature live bands food and fun all day at Bellevue’s Cole Park. Proceeds raised for the event would go towards scholarships for children Theisen left behind.

“Jeremy loved music, and this would definitely be a fitting tribute to him,” said Jay, a musician himself. “We are planning to have about eight different groups that would play from noon until 11 p.m.”

Jeremy Theisen, 45, of Bellevue, passed away Aug. 19, 2020. He was the son of Jerry and Karen Theisen.  

He graduated from Bellevue High School in 1993 and received a bachelor’s degree from Loras College in Dubque. 

He married Jenny Helbing on in the fall of 1999, and together they had six children. He then married Erica Hayward on Dec. 21, 2019.  

Theisen had a successful two-decade career in trucking insurance with ownership in a company called Transtar.  

He was also a founding member and longtime lead singer of the Dingleberries, a local band featuring several other members of the Theisen family, which had become quite popular in the Bellevue area and beyond.

City leaders tentatively agreed to Jay Theisen’s proposal to conduct the Jerome-Fest event at Cole Park on June 12. Theisen will start his planning process and update council members as the time gets closer.