Maquoketa law enforcement dispatch received the following calls for service:

Aug. 1

Domestic dispute, 209 E. Grove St., Maquoketa.

Domestic dispute, Baymont Inn. Couple arguing in hotel room, kids present.

Fraudulent attempt to scam with claim of nude pictures online, Maquoketa.

Report of fraud, River Village 2.

Report of possible assault, Preston.

Felony warrant served for possession of methamphetamine from Wisconsin, extraditable, Franklin and Riverview streets, Bellevue.

Emergency drill of tractor rollover, several people pinned underneath, Codfish Hollow Barnstormers. One critical, one walking wounded in drill.

Fight, knife shown, person detained, Briggs Manor, Inc.

Aug. 2

Domestic dispute involving knife and attempts to slash car tires, 209 E. Grove St.

Report of attempt to get in back door of house. Person held the door shut, 806 N. Second St., Bellevue.

Report of person entering house, saying another person was chasing him with a gun, 606 N. Second St., Bellevue.

Tires dumped in ditch, 150th Street and Caves Road, Maquoketa.

Report of animal abuse, North Eliza and East Grove streets, Maquoketa.

Counterfeit $100 taken at KJ’s.

Report of animal abuse, 109 S. Matteson St., Maquoketa.

Vandalism of vehicle that person was allowed to drive, 20173 Bellevue-Cascade Road, LaMotte.

Two-vehicle accident, Highways 61 and 64, Maquoketa.

Dispute over vehicle, 27524 129th Ave., Zwingle.

Domestic dispute over money, Specht Apartments.

August 4

Vehicle versus deer, 258th Avenue and Centerville Road, St. Donatus. Car not drivable.

Man hitting cars with hammer, 717 S. Main St.

Dogs locked in vehicle, 114 N. Orin St., Preston.

Verbal domestic dispute, threat of ramming boat through garage, 5297 47th St., Baldwin.

Vandalism, wrecked portapotty, 30327 Mill Creek Road, Bellevue.

Ten kids fighting by basketball court at Little Bear Park. No weapons seen.

Domestic dispute, 62-1 S. Amos St., Preston.

Kid in fight at Little Bear, at emergency room.

August 6

Young deer hit by vehicle, 10201 Highway 64, Maquoketa.

Tree across road, west of 30646 35th St., Maquoketa.

Gas drive-off, Casey’s West. Miscommunication. Husband and wife each thought other paid.

Report of man urinating in garden, 804 S. Second St., Maquoketa.

Kid with diaper running around, North Second and West Quarry streets, Maquoketa. Three juveniles transported.

Attempt to locate stolen vehicle from Dubuque. Report that seen near Highway 61 Dry Cleaners.

Boat motor quit, Mississippi river mile 543. Paddling to Iowa shore but need help. Squad and boat on way.

Dog bite of child, 12608 188th St., Zwingle.

Report of threats, possible stalking, Maquoketa.

Aug. 7

Three cows on road, 10th Avenue and 17th Avenue, Monmouth.

Calf on road, 158th Street and 250th Avenue, Andrew.

Vehicle accident, Physical and Sports Therapy Services.

Theft of $225 ladder, 17924 Highway 64, Maquoketa.

Attempt to pass fake $100 at Happy Joe’s. Bill says it is only for motion picture purposes. Does not look like other counterfeit $100s.

Loud verbal confrontation, 10 N. Johnson St., Andrew.

Aug. 8

Report of theft, 10 N. Johnson St., Andrew.

Deer versus vehicle, 5900 block of Highway 62, Maquoketa.

Threats of stabbing, Timber City Trailer Court.

Theft, bad check, Gasser True Value.

Subject breaking things and hitting people, Timber City Trailer Court.

Kids running around trailer park, one naked, mom at work, Woodland North Trailer Court.

Domestic dispute, 22931 417th Ave., Bellevue.

Dispute over painting bike, 28634 194th Ave., Zwingle.

Report of operating while intoxicated, 10887 150th St., Maquoketa.

Intoxicated female said she stole back stolen items, 422 N. Dearborn, Maquoketa. Property put in lost and found.

Aug. 10

Tractor went over edge where drill was last week, man pinned underneath, 288th Avenue and 35th Street, Maquoketa. Wagon off edge. Helicopter called. One intoxicated subject in custody checked by EMS and cleared.

Cut foot with machete, 309 N. Eliza St., Maquoketa.

Vehicle accident, 7390 435th Ave., Preston. Blood on face, dead dog on scene.

Truck went in river as putting boat in, Fifth Street boat ramp. Nobody in truck or injured. Truck top visible but stuff floating away.

Gas drive-off, Casey’s West.

Six people fighting, got in water at Spragueville, at Damon Bridge Canoe Access. Unknown injuries, tube thrown at subject.

Meeting regarding hit-and-run at Target, 109 Kueter Road, Bellevue

Domestic dispute, 308 S. Main St., Maquoketa.

Domestic incident, 400 Neu St., Bellevue.

Domestic dispute, 111 S. Niagara St., Maquoketa.

Aug. 11

Dispute over vehicle, 203 S. Johnson St., Maquoketa.

Vehicle in ditch, no injuries, 254th St. and Highway 61, Otter Creek.

Drugs found in vehicle, Maquoketa Police Department.

Hit and run, 208 N. Matteson St., Maquoketa.

Rocks thrown at window, 2 Henri St., Preston.

Aug. 12

Loud music complaint, 806 S. Main St., Maquoketa.

Civil dispute, 602 E. Grove St., Maquoketa.

Dogs killing chickens, 25090 Mill Creek Road, LaMotte.

Subject acting up at emergency room, Jackson County Regional Health Center. Officer assistance sought.

Kid stealing headphones, Wal-Mart.

Dispute, 5298 Highway 64, Baldwin.

Aug. 13

Theft of bag from ServePro truck, State Farm Insurance. Ipad activated, recovered. One in custody.

Hit and run accident, Maquoketa Family Clinic.

Vandalism, 1014 Elk St., Sabula. Child had thrown rock through window.

Accident, 184th Street and 250th Avenue, Andrew. One hurt seriously, helicopter requested. Not available. Will meet at Dubuque.

Neighbors shooting near residence, 9645 82nd Ave., Baldwin.

Noise complaint, Maquoketa.

Domestic dispute, 105 S. Vermont St., Maquoketa.

Aug. 14

Traffic stop, person needing help, freaking out and scratching face, handing baggie of drugs, taken to Mercy.

Harassment, verbal threat, 812 Elk St., Sabula.

Theft of items, 21601 Pleasant Drive, Maquoketa.

Dogs barking, 200 block of South Matteson Street.

Husky running around, Bellevue State Park lodge.

Domestic dispute, 806 Broad St., Sabula.

Nail in lock of home, window slammed on arm, 806 Broad St., Sabula.

Aug. 15

Vandalism, car window broken, Timber City Trailer Court.

Traffic stop, Otto and East Platt streets, Maquoketa. Change in location. One coming out of window. Other about 20 minutes later.

Accident, no injuries, Creslane and West Platt streets, Maquoketa.

Aug. 16

Bull in middle of highway, 58200 block of Highway 52, Sabula.

Dispute over home, 46206 161st St., Bellevue.

Hit-and-run accident, 515 W. Grove St., Maquoketa.

Fake $100 passed, Wal-Mart.

Theft and assist with eviction notice, 210 S. Vermont St., Maquoketa.

Domestic dispute, 205 S. Vermont St., Maquoketa.

Guy in street on electric chair impeding traffic, near Farm Bureau Financial Services.

Trespass warning served following threats, railroad police, 13695 275th St., Zwingle.

Domestic dispute, 806 Broad St., Sabula.

Aug. 17

Domestic dispute, screaming and chasing with baseball bat, beating burn barrel with baseball bat, 7820 550th Ave., Sabula.

Car in the ditch, 370th Street and 380th Avenue, St. Donatus.

Structure fire, 39137 Highway 64. Helicopter called. Sabula, Miles, Preston, Charlotte, Goose Lake responding. Fire marshal requested.

Male on scooter riding in street to protest sidewalk conditions, road hazard, Main and Platt streets, Maquoketa.

Dispute over Jeep, BG Salvage, Maquoketa.

Credit card stolen in March, 113.5 S. Vermont St., Maquoketa.

Report of person throwing furniture, 806 Broad St., Sabula.

Gas drive-off, Casey’s West, Maquoketa.

Domestic dispute, Sabula. Parties separated.

Phone that was supposed to be delivered wasn’t, 49185 Green Island Road. Needed police report to get another phone.

Domestic dispute, 412 W. Apple St., Maquoketa. Broken window, cut on window, report of intoxication.

Domestic dispute, 309.5 S. Main St., Maquoketa. Verbal argument and report of knife in boot.

Aug. 18

Storage shed broken into, 513 W. White St., Preston. Lock cut, tools and Harley parts taken.

Domestic dispute, verbal, Woodland East Trailer Court.

Kid threatening to beat up other kid, Little Bear Park.

Report of assault, 515-A S. Main St., Maquoketa.

Domestic dispute, including touching, chasing, 402 S. Fourth St., Maquoketa.

Aug. 19

Vandalism, glass window broken, Maquoketa Regional Stockyards.

Drugs, Bellevue municipal boat ramp.

Disagreement, Sunshine Preschool and Day Care.

Alcohol compliance checks, citations at Eagle’s Club and Bill’s Tap in Maquoketa, citation at Roy’s Hideaway, Preston.

Report of harassment, Little Bear Park.

Vandalism, padlock cut off cemetery building, St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery, Preston.

Aug. 20

Hit-and-run accident, Bluff Lake Catfish Farm parking lot.

Assault, 121 N. Main St.

Harassment, stolen money, Little Bear Park.

Man in wheelchair in middle of street, Arcade and West Platt streets.

Accident, no injury, no roadblock, Agvantage FS, Maquoketa.

Dog bite, South Vermont Street, Maquoketa.

Compliance checks, citation at Hideaway, Monmouth.

Report of harassment, Preston.

Report of vehicle following vehicle, 154th Street and Highway 62. Will drive to Bellevue police station.

Aug. 21

Large piece of steel in middle of Highway 61, mile marker 165.

Cash missing from kitchen counter, no forced entry, 41 W. School St., Preston.

Female driving on wrong side of the road, Miles.

Harassment, near Maquoketa Public Library.

Vehicle stolen, was parked at Marzofka Towing, keys in it. Seen at Rock Island McDonald’s.

Aug. 22

Injured dog near 306 Vine St., Bellevue.

Trespassing report, 206 N. Decker, Maquoketa.

Two-vehicle accident, no injuries, Preston Country Store.

Cat in car engine, Wright’s Attorney Office.

Hit trailer in southbound lane, 283rd Street and Highway 61.

Smell of marijuana, Briggs playground next to Little Bear Park.

Shoplifting, Wal-Mart.

Trespassing, 41633 45th St., Preston.

Theft of items from parked vehicle, including purse, and contents, identification, etc., 119 Edna St., Maquoketa.

Public intoxication, 109 Short St., Delmar.

Aug. 23

Threats of non-payment, Casey’s West.

Dog bite, 107 S. Johnson St., Maquoketa.

Dispute over shared well, 21504 Pleasant Drive, Bernard.

Gas drive-off, Preston Country Store.

Teenagers messing with picnic table, First Ward Park

Domestic dispute, yelling, 111 S. Niagara St., Maquoketa.

Noise complaint, G Spot. Quiet on arrival.

Vehicle accident, Access and Farmland Drive.

Aug. 24

Water shut off due to non-payment, and resident twice turned it back on. Utility theft valued at less than $200.

Dispute over property line between trailers, Woodland East Trailer Court.

Report of residential theft of guns and other items, 808 Broad St., Sabula.

Vandalism, graphic writing on car windows, no actual damage, 1301-201 E. Platt St., Maquoketa.

Vehicle backed into another vehicle, 514 Emma Ct., Maquoketa.

Camper broken into and destroyed. Going to take pictures and make list of missing items, Spragueville.

Domestic dispute, Cedar Street and Leisure Lake Drive, including threatening and throwing rocks. Verbal threats.

Noise complaint, G Spot.

Aug. 26

Domestic dispute, including assault, 118 E. Main St.

Verbal domestic dispute, 205-2 Market St., Bellevue.

Rolling domestic dispute, 33715 Highway 64 to Casey’s.

Dispute, 11134 217th St., Bernard.

Threats, Section Road and Washington Street, Miles.

Dispute over phone and privacy issues, 1004-5 German St., Maquoketa.

Hit gas instead of brake, knocked over gas can, concerned about spilled gas, 406 Cynthia Dr., Maquoketa.

Verbal domestic dispute, 30700 383rd Ave., Bellevue.

Person hit a deer and continued down road, 360th Avenue and 362nd Avenue, Springbrook. Deputy checking that deer is not on highway.

Aug. 27

Prisoner transport to Medical Associates.

Big tree fell on wire, blocking road, 140th Street, Otter Creek, blocking road.

Domestic threats, 406 N. Main St., Maquoketa.

Report of harassment, dispute involving garden, 114 S. Amos St., Preston

Bike stolen from in front of Smiles on Main. Found at Little Bear Park. Person took off running. Bike returned to owner.

Fishing pole, tackle box and cell phone stolen, 315 S. Prospect, Maquoketa.

Tree across road, 18500 block of Highway 52, Sabula.

Aug. 29

Theft of GPS, other items from vehicle, 315 W. Pleasant St., Maquoketa

Caller wants drug paraphernalia picked up, 409 S. Matteson St., Maquoketa.

Report of driver without license, River Village 1.

Arrest for domestic assault, Jackson County Courthouse.

Social Security scam call, rural Preston.

Fraud, Publisher’s Clearing House scam, was told to send money to Maquoketa address.

Dispute, 406 N. Main St., Maquoketa.

Fake $100 bill, Fareway.

Report of possible census fraud, 14826 69th St., Maquoketa.

Verbal dispute near 215 S. Second St., Maquoketa.

Dine and dash, Geno’s Pizza.

Suspicious $100 bill, 315 W. Pleasant St., Maquoketa.

Dispute, 412 N. Decker St.

Panel pushed in on garage door, 413 Pine St., LaMotte.

Aug. 30

Domestic dispute, 422 Dearborn, Maquoketa.

Stop-arm violation Aug. 26, 200th Avenue and Family Dollar Parkway.

Accident backing out of Kwik Star, one driver left scene.

Report of theft, cashing check without giving money, River Village 2.

Gas drive off, Casey’s West.

Domestic dispute, 7120 Caves Road, Maquoketa.

Kids throwing shoes into the street at cars, Maquoketa Public Library.

Report of two males fighting in D and T parking lot. Unable to locate.

Theft, person left without paying, Wal-Mart.

Noise complaint, G Spot. Loud music is coming from band across the river.

Noise complaint, North Fifth and West Apple streets, Maquoketa.

Physical confrontation, 412 W. Apple, Maquoketa. No medical assistance needed.

Mailbox taken out, 915 W. Summit St., Maquoketa.

HUSCO breakroom filling with smoke. Firefighters on scene about half an hour.

Aug. 31

Vehicle on fire, 15045 Sixth Ave., Monmouth.

Minor accident, no injuries, Second and State streets, Bellevue.

Syringes by the creek at Horseshoe Pond.

Theft of a stereo and phone from vehicle, 402 S. Fifth St., Maquoketa.

Two-vehicle accident, car and truck, 200 block of Industrial Lane, Preston.

Dispute, 912 Elk St., Sabula.

Vehicle through fence, 9760 168th Ave., Maquoketa.

Both plates stolen from vehicle, 107 E. Washington St., Monmouth.

Golf carts from RV park to Spruce Creek causing traffic issues, Baymont Inn.

Vandalism to military markers, Jackson County Veterans Memorial Park.

Noise complaint, South Amos and East School streets, Preston.

Two kids fighting in park, Delmar.

Canoeing subjects lost on 171st Avenue, Maquoketa. Given ride to Davison Bridge.

Pills and money missing, 1008-1 German St., Maquoketa.

Report of lights malfunctioning on Savanna-Sabula bridge, sending people on both sides.

Traffic stop, Main and Platt streets, Maquoketa. Blood alcohol content over the legal limit.

Sept. 1

Violation of no contact order, busted door and intoxication, 118 E. Main St., Springbrook.

Noise complaint, G Spot.

Complaint of person passed out in car with door open, Kwik Star.

Vehicle through fence, bumper, license and car parts left there, 113th Avenue and 222nd Street, Otter Creek. Driver said she swerved to miss deer.

Domestic dispute, 1117 E. Platt St., Maquoketa.

Family offense, report of stolen vehicle, 1114 142nd Ave., Maquoketa. Connected to assault, handgun pulled, wrestled away from subject, causing bruises, 1014 185th St., Clinton County.

Domestic dispute, 112 Erie St., Maquoketa.

Fireworks, 40 block of Yale Avenue, Maquoketa.

Domestic dispute, 203-A N. Walnut St., Maquoketa.

Sept. 2

Vehicle accident, Jesse’s Automotive and Mini Mart. Page for ambulance, motorcycle needed tow.

Five mailboxes damaged, 150th Street and 100th Street, Maquoketa. May have been knocked down when county cut weeds in ditch. Will fix.

Alarm, Cardinal Elementary School.

Vandalism to radio-controlled vehicle park, Burlingame Field.

Report of subjects hitting and messing with cars, Brad Deery Motors.

Fire, 916 Cardinal Drive, Maquoketa. Smell of rubber burning and haze in house. On scene for about 15 minutes.

Sept. 3

Traffic stop, 100 block of South Niagara Street, Maquoketa. Drugs dropped as subject got out of the vehicle. Vehicle searched.

Paraphernalia found, 501 W. Platt St., Maquoketa.

Maquoketa High School front lot vehicle accident. Those involved will handle incident.

Two-car accident, 17th Street and 535th Avenue, Miles. Trailer moved to center of gravel to avoid washouts and collided with vehicle that came over hill.

Tire came off vehicle, blocking part of Platt Street near Olive.

Vandalism, climbing and ripping branches out of trees, Fifth Ward Park.

Highly intoxicated subject running out in street, 100 block of South Matteson, Maquoketa.

Maquoketa Country Club alarm. Strong smell of gas in kitchen.

Vehicle versus deer, 370th Street and Highway 52, St. Donatus.

Physical dispute, Otter Creek church parking lot. Ambulance not needed.

Sept. 4

Truck hit, 706 S. Fourth St.

Lost motorbike on way home on Highway 61.

School bus arm violation, Timber City trailer court.

Theft, Andrew Country Mart.

Dumping, 311 S. Prospect St., Maquoketa.

Someone broke into garage, 301 N. Olive St., Maquoketa.

Report of residential theft, 806 Broad St., Sabula.

Dispute, 37693 239th Ave., LaMotte.

Large amount of coins taken, 511 W. Locust St., Maquoketa.

Male on top of the dugout roof, Westside Park, Preston.

Subject escorted out of Woodland East trailer park, now at K Motor Sports, hitting machine with fists.

Sept. 6

Suspicious person, county yard. Long gun deployed. One at gunpoint under county truck. Difficulty understanding. Subject was using radio in dump truck, thought people were chasing him.

Someone sleeping under blanket under Summit Street overpass, Maquoketa.

Stolen battery, Wal-Mart.

Tree on roadway, Highway 52 south of 435th Avenue, Bellevue.

Cement truck hit parked car, no injuries, Heartland East Apartments.

Lug nuts loosened on truck, Stickley Apartments.

Theft of boat from 23108 Lake Shore Drive, Bernard.

Stolen phone, Wal-Mart.

Sept. 7

Fight, 10 people, G Spot.

ATVs tearing up property, 15186 341st Ave., Springbrook. Citations written. Threat to take matters into own hands.

Vehicle accident, Maquoketa River Bridge North Fork, Highway 61. Car in the river. Everyone out, one injured, car’s driver took off running, then laid down with injuries. Combative patient. Bridge damage. K9 alert. Drugs found.

Fighting on Platt and Niagara St.

Dispute, report of people locked in pavilion, Prairie Creek Recreation Area.

Sex offense, Maquoketa.

Information on vandalism, radio-controlled track, Burlingame Field.

Theft, Wal-Mart.

Vehicle accident, 114th Street and Highway 52. Motorcycle accident, patient unresponsive, helicopter requested.

Dispute, 411 Butternut St., Maquoketa.

Large group of people, loud music, yelling and running around, PerXactly Bar and Grill.

Noise complaint of stuff being blown up in alley, 132 S. Mitchell St., Preston. Subjects admitted to drinking but not intoxicated.

Sept. 8

Domestic dispute, Pearson Memorial Center. Report of choking someone in back seat as leaving wedding reception. Air Care declined due to thunderstorms. Alcohol ingested, initially conscious, then unconscious, MedForce 2 from West Burlington.

Theft of $25 from wallet, Little Bear Park.

Cell phone case stolen, Wal-Mart.

Plates reported stolen off vehicle last week. Vehicle at Pour Farm in Baldwin with plates on.

Dispute over dog, including slapping and kicking dog, 106 S. Matteson St., Maquoketa.

Domestic incident, speaking with subject, 402 N. Second St., 201 Franklin St., 504 S. Sixth St., Bellevue.

Domestic dispute over custody, including punch to face, 5378 Hurstville Road, Maquoketa.

Baggie of illegal substance on the floor, Goodwill.

Drugs, 4000 block of 500th Avenue, Miles, K9 search.

Man sleeping on picnic table, Little Bear Park.

Report of structure fire, 302 S. Niagara St., Maquoketa. Smell, little smoke, strange noise. Firefighters on scene about half an hour.

Sept. 9 

Vehicle accident, no injuries or roadblock, Maquoketa State Bank.

Civil dispute over loading five trailers of cattle, 39033 361st Ave., Bellevue.

Report of small kids on the roof, 800 block of South Main Street, Maquoketa.

Report of hit-and-run by RTA bus, River Village 1.

Kids wrote profanity on book drop, Maquoketa Public Library.

Fraud/scam, Maquoketa.

Report of gunshots on private property, Fawn Brook Estates.

Officer assistance needed with inmate, jail.

Fawn needs to be put down, Highway 62 and 92nd Street, Maquoketa.


Sept. 10

Tree across wire, smoking, 505 S. Second St., Maquoketa.

Taking tree branches from road, 600 block of South Fifth Street, Maquoketa.

Trees removed from road, Summit Street overpass and Myatt Drive, Maquoketa..

Old pine hit by lightning, 407 S. Eliza St., Maquoketa.

Tower collapsed, whole steel structure on ground, Bullock Ag Service, LaMotte.

Tree on gravel, 216th Avenue north of Bellevue-Cascade Road, LaMotte.

Tree on road, Apple and North Main streets, Maquoketa.

Trees need to be picked up, South Eliza and East Locust streets, Maquoketa.

Tree uprooted, may have damaged home, 200 block of West Locust Street, Maquoketa.

Summit and Eliza Road washout.

Street light by McDonald’s hanging, West Platt and Western Avenue, Maquoketa.

Power lines on fire between 18000 43rd St. and Sybesma Eye Care, Maquoketa.

Fire in tree, 24673 Highway 64, Maquoketa.

Gas line on fire, 1965 St. Catherine’s Road, Bellevue and LaMotte fire departments paged.

Sept. 10

Tree in the road, 23990 274th St., LaMotte.

Tree across road, 200th Street and Highway 62, Andrew.

Unlocked car broken into, tools, prescriptions and wallet missing.

Person left driver’s license because he didn’t have money for gas. Subject has not returned, Jesse’s Automotive and Mini Mart.

Branches on road, Clark Saw Center.

Lugnuts messed with, hub damage, 408 W. Apple Street. Tire fell off 1.5 miles east of Maquoketa.

Dumping of beer cans, sheet metal and garbage, 325th Avenue and Mill Creek Road.

Report of juvenile sexual assault, Maquoketa.

Domestic dispute, yelling, 30169 398th Ave., Bellevue.

Vehicle with two lug nuts taken off, third missing afterward. Two-three weeks ago had one missing. Wants extra patrols, 710-B S. Second St., Maquoketa.

Assault, glass thrown at person, leaving big bump, also house damage, 88 Colgate Ave., Maquoketa.

Stolen $200 from wallet while taking a shower, 505 Short St., Maquoketa.

Tree marked for removal suffered damage during storm, 309 S. Olive St., Maquoketa.

Report of assault, Little Bear Park.

Domestic incident, 512 S. Niagara St., Maquoketa.

Kids yelling and screaming, Little Bear Park.

Noise complaint, 303 N. Anna St., Preston.

Sept. 11

Theft, Dollar General.

Student out of control, Maquoketa High School.

Noise complaint, throwing rocks at window, banging door, 1010-7 German St., Maquoketa.

Young kids smoking, Little Bear Park.

Briefcase and other items taken from truck overnight, Catholic church, Miles.

Social security scam, Maquoketa.

ATM machine hit, lots of damage, Clinton National Bank, Sabula.

Person in wheelchair going down Arcade Street, Maquoketa.

Car hit parked car, 204 Olive St., Maquoketa.

Kid with crowbar tore chunk of bark off tree, got mouthy, 200 block of Jones Avenue, Maquoketa.

Two-vehicle accident, Highway 61 and Esgate Road. One vehicle in ditch, possible injury, hit head. No transports. Patient refusals.

Dispute with neighbor, 132 S. Mitchell Street.

Hit deer, needs to be put down, 6980 Caves Road, Maquoketa.

Boat stuck in swamp at Savanna Army Deport. Transported to Sabula boat ramp where subject put in.

Dispute because neighbor’s trampoline blew onto roof of house during last storm, and neighbor won’t fix damage, 119 S. Main St., Maquoketa.

Tree blocking both lanes, 435th Avenue and Highway 52, Bellevue. Hard to see in rain.

Dispute over child custody, Wal-Mart.

Tree blocking 362nd Avenue just off Highway 52 by detour, Bellevue.

Trees down, 341st Avenue and Highway 62, Bellevue.

Street sign knocked down, North Fifth and West Platt streets, Maquoketa.

Person with GPS ankle monitor said monitor started flashing, may not be working right, 116 Anderson St., Maquoketa.

Vehicle sitting by Behn’s Concrete and Masonry. Driving slowly, Large amount of money and drugs in center console. Backup. Refused consent search.

Sept. 12

Theft of $55 from student, Maquoketa High School.

Hallway smells like marijuana, Stickley Apartments.

Check fraud, Maquoketa.

Car ran caller off road, 500th Avenue, continued north at high rate of speed, Clinton County.

Clinton County requesting back-up with wanted subject, 460th Avenue and 131st Street.

Cell phone stolen from Wal-Mart. Subject ran to Kwik Star.

Publisher’s Clearing House scam. $250 requested to claim money.

Man shouting profanity, Bormann’s Neighborhood Pitstop.

Harassment, including filming, Wal-Mart.

Scooter stolen, $2,800 value, 549 Harrison St., Miles.

Intoxicated subject at railroad crossing wants to speak with officer, 201 State St., Bellevue.

Power out, 200 James St., Maquoketa.

Sept. 13

Harassment, Maquoketa High School.

Report of sex offense, Maquoketa.

Front tire came off, North Jones Street, Maquoketa.

Fake $10 bill, Obie’s.

Fight, including punches thrown, 610 E. Platt St., Maquoketa.

Harassment, Maquoketa High School.

Intoxicated person, open Miller Lite in car, Theisen’s Farm and Home Store.

Hit-and-run, South Fifth and West Monroe streets, Maquoketa.

Threats, refusal to leave, 404 Circle Drive.

Assault, initial report of male teen threatening young kids with knife held to throat, may be misleading, staff canvassing area, Bellevue.

Tire almost fell off in Dubuque, missing four lug nuts, two bolts sheered off.

Dispute, 411 Butternut St., Maquoketa.

Ten-inch tree blocking both lanes, 30602 Mill Creek Road, Bellevue.

Sept. 14

Domestic dispute, two males, one female, Car Wash, Bellevue

Dispute, 4030 123rd Ave., Maquoketa.

Kids on Maquoketa Public Library steps yelling obscenities.

Hit and run, 312 N. Eliza St., Maquoketa.

Adult fight at Little Bear Park basketball court.

Trespassing, 17666 Highway 52, Bellevue. Motorcycle that was going through Bellevue at high rate of speed.

Branch across 92nd Street near 214th Avenue, Maquoketa.

Extension on back of trailer just hit railroad overpass, 429th Avenue and Highway 52, Bellevue.

Argument in pavilion, Little Bear Park.

Assault on resident by resident, Andrew Jackson Care Facility.

Verbal dispute, 203 W. Monroe St., Andrew.

Dispute, including threat and raised hand, 56-3 S. Amos St., Preston.

Dispute, seven people, no injuries, no weapons, drinking, 22310 Sioux Drive, Bernard.

Sept. 15

Search, 203-.5 N. Walnut St., Maquoketa.

Two vehicles with six kids, yelling and screaming, possible fight, busted nose, Little Bear Park.

Two Great Dane puppies stolen from 6Bs Campground, one chipped, $3,000 value estimated.

Cat stuck in engine, Wal-Mart.

Dispute, 411 Butternut St., Maquoketa.

Hazmat, strong gas smell, 105 Arcade St., Maquoketa. Broken 1-inch line in basement.

Dead dog, possibly from head trauma, 5168 47th St., Baldwin.

Fire, Maquoketa Public Library. Kids were lighting a sweatshirt on fire under the stairs. Put out with water.

Sept. 16 

Subject possibly passed out at Jackson County Courthouse gazebo.

Sex offender registrant information, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Aggressive dog has mail carrier trapped on porch, 401 S. Fifth St., Bellevue.

Prisoner transport, Medical Associates.

Hit-and-run, near Till’s Chevrolet Garage.

Welfare check, report of potential harassment, holding against will, 907 Kathey Drive, Maquoketa.

Kids at skate park screaming vulgarities, Maquoketa.

Argument, Little Bear Park.

Attempted suspected burglary of neighbor’s garage, 802 N. Second St., Bellevue.

Vehicle rear-ended at intersection of Highway 52 and Highway 84 by Savanna-Sabula bridge, Savanna.

Vehicle accident, North Main and White streets, Preston.

Traffic signal won’t change, West Platt Street and Western Avenue, Maquoketa.

Vehicle fire, 17200 block of Highway 64, Maquoketa.

Sept. 17

Runaway reported, Kwik Star Truck Stop.

Domestic dispute, including cut hand, 422 N. Dearborn St., Maquoketa.

Tree across 92nd Avenue quarter mile from Highway 62, Maquoketa.

Burglary, 214 N. Matteson St. No trespass to be issued.

Knife not being returned, Little Bear Park.

Laptop and keyboard stolen from Wal-Mart.

Caller threatened with club, 808 Broad St., Sabula.

Domestic dispute, 39663 300th St., Bellevue.

Domestic dispute, 303 S. Main St.

Stolen PS4 controller, Wal-Mart.

Bike missing, two other bikes missing seats, 1006 German St., Maquoketa.

Sept. 18

Car upside down, 185th Avenue and 175th Street, Clinton County. Helicopter on way from Iowa City. Patient out of vehicle.

Flamingo lawn ornament found in yard, 208 W. Locust St., Maquoketa.

Candy thrown to dogs, making them sick, 110 Anderson St., Maquoketa.

Warrant, 111-3 S. Niagara St., Maquoketa.

Vehicle hit 252nd Avenue and 110th Street, Clinton County.

Burglary of ice cream shop, Sabula.

Truck full of wood on fire, Sitco Inc.

Sept. 19

Dan’s Barber Shop broken into, $100 stolen, door kicked in.

Students left Lawther Academy, hurt staff.

Theft of $70 from purse, 404 Circle Drive.

Baby bottles stolen and returned for money, Wal-Mart.

Dispute, Woodland North Trailer Court.

Vehicle accident, 300 Vine St., Bellevue, minor damage.

Dog attack, 82 Prairie Drive, Miles.

Bike theft, 917 N. Seventh St., Bellevue.

Man fell 18 feet from bridge, Seven Hills Road. Helicopters would not fly due to weather.

Sept. 20

Empty life raft or dinghy going through Lock 12. No one aboard.

Vandalism, shot-out window, Maquoketa Housing Cottages.

Female transport, Maquoketa High School.

Person hurt, two staff members and perhaps four students involved, Hillcrest Family Services.

Dog bite, 28631 Fairview Lane.

Wanted to report theft but didn’t give any info., hung up, 17713 Highway 64, Maquoketa.

Graffiti, Little Bear Park.

Two chairs missing from front porch, 208 S. Main St., Maquoketa.

Tobacco violation, Maquoketa High School.

Kids fighting, 1022-7 German St., Maquoketa.

Dispute, 30169 398th Ave., Bellevue.

Dispute, broken door and television, 315 S. Prospect St., Maquoketa.

Person threatened to shoot dog, 134 E. Gillet St., Preston.

Intoxication, taken to emergency room, 100 block of North Niagara Street., Maquoketa.

Tree on fire, Delmar Cemetery.

Sept. 21

Person trying to hotwire and break into car, G Spot.

Runaway, 404 Circle Drive, Maquoketa. Did return home, parent talked to officer.

Property damage accident, airbags deployed, everyone out of car, paged for ambulance, 370th Avenue and 105th Street, Clinton County.

Blanket caught in stair lift, 310 Eddy Place, Maquoketa.

Traffic stop, Prairie Creek bridge and Highway 64, vehicle search, open container, blood alcohol content below legal limit.

Conscious male trapped in vehicle, 390th Avenue and 150th Street, Clinton County.

Vehicle fire, Highway 61 and Haxbylane Road, Zwingle. 

Fire alarm, administrative area of Crestridge.

Sept. 23

Vandalism, lug nuts loosened on car, 910 Lisa Drive, Maquoketa.

Trespass, two unknown people in home, 412 S. Vermont St.

Documentation of verbal incident, report of smashed television, 409 W. Quarry St., Maquoketa.

Counterfeit bill, Clinton National Bank, Preston.

Glock handgun stolen from home, 25483 134th St., Maquoketa.

Discussion about domestic situation, Dearborn and East Quarry streets, Maquoketa.

Assault while on way home, including smashed tablet, 116 N. Dearborn St., Maquoketa.

Sept. 24

Road hazard, car sideways in slow lane, female running, Highway 52 and St. Catherine Road.

Dump truck sideswiped car, Main and Platt streets, Maquoketa.

Intoxicated subject, pickup over curb, East Judson and South Main streets, Maquoketa.

Tobacco offense, Lawther Academy.

School bus stop-arm violation turned in from Sept. 19, 300 block of Western Avenue, Maquoketa.

K-9 drug sniff at Maquoketa High School.

Old battery theft, Kunau Implement.

Dispute, Woodland East Trailer Court.

Garage burglary, 206 N. Decker St., Maquoketa.

Dispute, Woodland North Trailer Court.

Attempted break-in, 504 E. Apple St., Maquoketa.

Vandalism to park, teens in shelter, First Ward Park.

Social Security scam, Maquoketa.

Harassment, Maquoketa.

Juvenile out of control, Jackson County Regional Health Center.

Report of prowler in an attic, can smell body odor, 704 E. Quarry St., Maquoketa.

Sept. 25

Tobacco violations, Maquoketa High School.

Heavy bags of hay felt out of truck, in both lanes, Highway 61.

Warrant, Vault Bar. Looking for wanted subject, two people detained. Drug paraphernalia in view. Apartment searched. Female released. Second search.

Verbal domestic dispute, vehicle blocked, 413 N. Decker St., Maquoketa.

Trespassing, busted lock 907 E. Platt St., Maquoketa.

Verbal domestic dispute, 303 S. Third St., Bellevue.

Suspect in Nebraska burglary driving truck registered to Maquoketa.

Sept. 26

Explicit messages on phone, Maquoketa.

Fake $20, Clinton National Bank, Preston.

Tobacco violation, first offense, Maquoketa Middle School.

Vandalism, including windows shot out of motor home, things dumped in gas tank, behind old Schmidt Construction.

Shoplifting, Wal-Mart. Subject on bike with three bags of things, headed to Horseshoe Pond.

Assault, Maquoketa Middle School.

Kids shining lasers at cars, Briggs Elementary. Kids will put them away.

Truck hit jersey barrier, 1600 block of Highway 61.

Sept. 27

Harassment, Lost Nation, running after car with knife.

Dispute, Tom and Kevin Grain Bin Service.

Social Security scam, Maquoketa.

Trespassing, 214 N. Matteson St., Maquoketa.

Sex offense, rural Andrew.

Shoplifting, no identification on subject, Wal-Mart.

Non-stop gunshots, 1808 Swagosa Dr., Maquoketa. Subjects were target practicing.

Looking for subject, possible with gun, Harrison Street and Section Road, Miles.

Harassment, threats of destroying property, Maquoketa.

Sept. 28

Domestic dispute, subject not allowed on property, no injuries, 315 S. Prospect St., Maquoketa.

Noise complaint, G Spot.

Report of person with flashlight going around houses, River Ridge and Riviera Drives, Bellevue. Person was delivering newspapers.

Neighbor’s dog bit dog, 540 Wilson St., Preston.

Vehicle accident, 33199 High Bridge Road, St. Donatus. Pickup in creek, in eight inches of water, no occupants.

Helping citizen get rid of prescription drugs, 106 N. Third St., Bellevue.

Domestic dispute, 203 N. Walnut St., Maquoketa. Two ambulances requested, both subjects wanted, one transported, mouth bleeding.

Vehicle accident, Tom and Kevin Grain Bin Service.

Vehicle accident, Casey’s, Bellevue.

Long-standing civil dispute over woodsplitter, 26509 140th Ave., Zwingle.

Intoxicated person falling, in traffic, Savanna-Sabula bridge. Given ride to Home Port.

Shoplifting, Wal-Mart.

Report of residential theft, breaking items, 32364 High Bridge Rd., St. Donatus.

U-Haul took out streetlight, Bellevue.

Report of harassment by police officers. Caller hung up, 206 S. Fifth St., Bellevue.

Sept. 29

Domestic dispute, including small puncture wound, medical attention declined, 308 E. Maple St., Maquoketa.

Stolen vehicle reported, following bowling tournament. Friends don’t play jokes like that. Stolen vehicle found, 30629 396th Ave., Bellevue.

Report of trespassing, Catholic church, Miles.

Dispute, Andrew.

Assault, 806 Broad St., Sabula.

Forged checks, Murphy Construction.

Dispute, 10001 Angle Ct., Bernard.

Busted window, 315 S. Prospect St., Maquoketa.

Sept. 30

Harassment, Econolodge.

Individual out of control, Briggs Elementary.

Juvenile out of control, Lawther Academy.

Counterfeit $100, Fidelity Bank, Maquoketa.

Bus hit telephone pole at the alley between Eliza and Quarry streets, Maquoketa.

Report of shoplifting, subject left with purse full of stuff, Dollar General.

Report of smashed-down fence, 334 Ferry Road, Miles.

Residential theft, Woodland North Trailer Court.

Missing person, Maquoketa.

Daughter’s bike run over, 128 Iowa University Ave., Maquoketa.

Report of messing with dumpster, trespass, Preston.

Verbal domestic dispute, Family Dollar.

Theft, Jesse’s Automotive and Mini Mart.

Dispute, 512 S. Niagara St., Maquoketa.

Report of harassment, possible theft, rural St. Donatus.

Car smoking between two homes, 210 Clark St., Maquoketa.

Oct. 1

Vehicle versus deer, Highway 61 and Bellevue-Cascade Road. Vehicle undrivable.