Maquoketa law enforcement dispatch received the following calls for service:

Nov. 10

Deer injured on side of road, 117th Street and Highway 62, Andrew.

Hit deer with semi just south of Eden Valley Nature Center. Deer injured.

Hit deer, wanted tag, 224th Street and Bernard Road, Bernard. Sheriff’s department out of tags.

Truck in ditch, 256th Avenue and 92nd Street, Maquoketa.

Threat with knife, intoxication, 318 N. Second St., Maquoketa.

Drunk driver headed north of St. Donatus, going 25 miles per hour.

Harassment, 32364 High Bridge Rd., St. Donatus.

Hit deer, car totaled, deer off roadway, 18820 Bellevue-Cascade Road.

Hit-and-run accident, taillight damaged, 208 E. Maple St., Maquoketa.

Nov. 11

Railroad employee seeing vehicle going over dike, Sabula.

Vehicle lost control, in median, 1200 block of Highway 61.

Vehicle versus deer, 22500 block of Highway 61.

Vehicle theft. Walked into Casey’s, left it running, now gone. Arrest for auto theft.

Fourwheeler stolen, 39 Forrest St., Miles.

Vehicle in ditch, 200th Avenue and Highway 61, Maquoketa.

Stolen vehicle blocking door, Old Lumber Yard.

Harassment, Clinton Community College.

Vehicle in ditch, 74th Street and Caves Road, Maquoketa.

School bus took out eight mailboxes and fence, 1026 Kathey Dr., Maquoketa.

Large ball of fire came down toward the ground to the west, 182nd Avenue and Fulton Road.

Vehicle theft. Located and returned to owner, 41 S. Stephens St., Preston.

Vehicle in ditch, Dynamic Tube. No injuries.

Nov. 12

Juvenile locked in bathroom, Maquoketa.

Vehicle accident, Second and State streets, Bellevue. Vehicle ran stop sign and struck vehicle broadside.

Theft of $300 cash, cell phone and keys, 408 W. Apple St., Maquoketa.

Harassment regarding snow disturbance, 15186 341st Ave., Bellevue.

Domestic dispute, 214 N. Matteson St., Maquoketa.

Fraud, 14433 216th Ave., Maquoketa.

Student threatening officers with staple gun, Briggs Elementary.

Theft of motorcycle fender, Whitetail Run Apartments.

Burglary, B and C Liquor. Security camera showing someone sliding through back window.

Residential theft, 203 N. Walnut St., Maquoketa.

10-year-old out-of-control, 1004 Kathey Drive, Maquoketa.

Harassment, including photos of genitals, Maquoketa.

Vehicle versus deer, Eden Valley Nature Center.

Theft from vehicle. Bought 32 rabbits Sunday, and three missing when got home from Jackson County Fairgrounds.

Nov. 13

Deer hit, hurt, needs to be put down. Dead on arrival and moved to ditch, Highway 52, mile marker 29.

Vehicle fire north of Spragueville, 387th Avenue and 63rd Street, back in timber.

Road closed for about a week between 29884 and 30000 Iron Bridge Road, Spragueville.

Truck in ditch, 17th Street and Timber Drive, Maquoketa.

Vehicle versus deer, 200th Avenue and Rockdale Road, Maquoketa.

Vehicle versus deer, 9576 Highway 61, Maquoketa. Deer alive, on road.

Kid kicked out of Maquoketa Public Library, throwing “f-bombs.”

Boxer with a hanging leash, North Fifth and West Grove streets, Maquoketa.

Harassment, walk-in to law center.

Residential theft, 34756 Bellevue-Cascade Road, Bellevue.

Hit-and-run, Zwingle Car Wash. No transport.

Person out of control, 511 S. Prospect St., Bellevue.

Semi driving with tire on fire, Highway 61, mile marker 164.

Cow out, 22300 block of Highway 62, Bellevue.

Deer hit, on shoulder of road, Wendling Quarries, Andrew.

Lots of smoke from corn drier, 24488 Highway 61, Zwingle.

Nov. 14

Report of kids lying in the road, Two Good Park, Preston.

Report of attack by juvenile, 3936 317th Ave., Preston.

Domestic dispute, including throwing things, 1022 German St., Maquoketa.

Vehicle theft reported, Maquoketa and Dubuque. May be civil issue.

Vehicle accident by Sabula city garage.

Grain drier on fire, 7600 block of Highway 61, Maquoketa.

Garage on fire, 902 E. Platt St., Maquoketa.

Nov. 15

Warrant, Jackson County Courthouse.

Tree blocking road, 18000 block of 407th Avenue, Bellevue.

Deer hit, 86th Avenue and Bernard Road, Bernard.

Harassment, Clinton Community College.

Theft of watch, Woodland East Trailer Court.

Warrant, Catholic church, Miles.

Black cows out, 18000 block of 250th Avenue, Maquoketa.

Nov. 16

Vehicle swerved to hit a deer and went into ditch, hit fence, 55000 block of Highway 64, Sabula.

Warrant, 32364 High Bridge Road, St. Donatus.

Domestic dispute, Myatt Drive and West Summit Street, Maquoketa. Arguing, pulled over in vehicle.

Customer screaming, U.S. Cellular.

Theft of black lab, investigation from Clinton County.

Dog-at-large warning, 913 Cardinal Drive, Maquoketa.

Vehicle versus deer, 429th Avenue and Highway 52, Bellevue.

Kitten on front step, 1030 Kathey Drive, Maquoketa.

Chimney fire, Catholic church, Miles.

Nov. 17

Disruption during Leisure Lake meeting, Leisure Lake pavilion.

Big limb hanging, 116 N. Otto St., Maquoketa.

Cow by Oakland Mill Event Center.

Cows on the highway, 320th Street and Highway 52, St. Donatus.

Vehicle versus deer, just north of Highway 61 and 64 exit, Maquoketa.

Deer hit vehicle, Hurstville Lime Kilns.

Corn drier on fire near grain bin, 3118 50th Ave., Baldwin.

Nov. 18

Dispute, 111 N. Jones St., Maquoketa.

Theft of trailer from LaMotte area, full of logging and cement tools, Sitco, Inc.

Fraud, checks totaling over $2,500, Hermes Auto and Upholstery.

Vehicle versus deer, Highway 61 and Caves Road, Maquoketa.

Fraud, check written on closed account, Barron Motor Supply.

Cow in median, Highway 61, mile marker 162.

Family offense, Woodland North Trailer Court.

Family offense, 7170 Hurstville Road, Maquoketa.

Vandalism, someone ran over garbage, Chris’ Cut and Curl.

Nov. 19

Assault, Maquoketa Middle School.

Family offense, 1009 Cardinal Drive, Maquoketa.

Serious two-car accident, 110th Street and Highway 61, Maquoketa. Two possibly injured. One vehicle hit a deer, stopped on the highway and got hit by another car, which is in the ditch. One ambulance, no helicopter needed, one car blocking both lanes.

Vehicle versus deer, 7120 Caves Road, Maquoketa. Deer hurt, car drivable.

Dispute, 5378 Hurstville Road, Maquoketa.

Man gutting a deer near the fire station dumper and elderly center, Miles.

Domestic dispute, involving report of choking and throwing down, Bellevue.

Vehicle ran off road in fog, 241st Avenue and Highway 64, Maquoketa.

Vehicle versus deer, 500th Avenue and Highway 52, Green Island.

Nov. 20

Car in ditch, Bellevue-Cascade Road and Bernard Road, Bernard.

500th Avenue south of city limits closed for about a week for culvert replacement, Miles.

Gas drive-off of $50.52, have video.

Fraud on credit card, Maquoketa.

Bike theft. Found at Little Bear Park.

Vehicle in ditch, 24th Street and 269th Avenue, Maquoketa.

Fraud, Preston.

Nov. 21

Harassment, Sabula.

Tree down, partly blocking lane, Highway 52, mile marker 8.

Attack by Rottweiler and three-legged pit bull, 105 E. Main St., Preston.

Calf out, 150th Street and 435th Avenue, Bellevue.

Subject picked up on warrant, Sabula.

Two-vehicle accident, 418th Avenue and 45th Street, Preston. No injuries.