Maquoketa law enforcement dispatch received the following calls for service:

Jan. 24

Report of harassment at 307 N. Prospect St.

Vehicle versus deer at 362nd Avenue and 373rd Avenue.

Request to clear road for patient headed to dialysis, at 114th Street and Iron Bridge Road.

Minor accident at Kwik Star Truck Stop.

Car in the ditch at 383rd Avenue and Highway 52.

Car in ditch, no injuries, at 172nd Avenue and Caves Road.

Jan. 25

Dispute at Timber City Trailer Court

Auto accident at South Main and Summit streets. No injuries.

Vehicle stolen out of Dubuque County abandoned at Brad Deery detailing/reconditioning center.

Semi came apart at Highway 61 and Bellevue-Cascade Road (Wenzels)

Horses out at 9950 98th St.

Report of vehicles that almost hit on snow-covered, slippery roads, 28900 block of Highway 52.

Hit-and-run at La Casa de Pancho.

Drove off while getting gas, and hose came off gas pump, at Otter Creek.

Vehicle in ditch at 200th Avenue and Highway 61.

Kids sledding on East Quarry Street by First Ward Park.

Cow on road at 216th Street and 250th Avenue.

Customer bothering person at Bill’s Tap.

Jan. 26

Domestic dispute at 33 Section Road, Miles.

Vehicle hit horse at 57309 Highway 64, Sabula.

Semi stuck in ditch at Family Dollar warehouse.

Gas out at 1007 Elk St., Sabula.

Jan. 27

Vehicle disabled at 671 400th Ave.

Vehicle in ditch at 3100 block of Highway 61, and damage to chain-link fence.

Report of eggs thrown at window, 904 Park St., Bellevue.

Vandalism at 491 613th Ave., including missing lawn chairs.

Gas drive-off from Welton truck stop.

Dispute at Wal-Mart.

Vehicle accident, no injuries, at 200th Avenue and Highway 61.

Jan. 28

Vehicle stuck in snow at North Fifth Street and North Short Street.

Vehicle stuck on track at Second and Park streets.

Truck in ditch at 26397 Mill Creek Road.

Vehicle versus deer by Hillside Stables

Vehicle stuck half in roadway, half in driveway at 518 W. Grove St.

Driver backed into a car at PerXactly Bar and Grill.

Report of snowplow taking out mailboxes at 23332 417th Ave.

Cows out at Highways 64 and 67.

Car stuck in snowbank at 100 N. Fourth St., Bellevue.

Vehicle in ditch at 525th Ave and Highway 64.

Domestic dispute at 41 Centennial St., Miles.

Report of neighbors blowing air horn near 13 E. Benton St.

Dog bite taken to 700 W. Grove St.

Runaway at 3936 317th Ave.

Car versus snowplow east of Cottonville on Bellevue-Cascade road. Man, semi-conscious, with broken arm and leg extrication. Helicopter called but could not land in Dubuque due to weather. 

Disabled vehicle in snowdrift at 21st Avenue and 234th Street.

Overheated wall heater at 23100 Collins Dr. Called for plow as well as fire departments. Owner put fire out.

Feb. 3

Attempt to blackmail caller with inappropriate photos.

Hubcap falling off, but it won’t come off. Caller needed assistance.

Dispute at 10196 233rd Ave.

Person dumped personal garbage into Wag More dumpster.

Report of dog neglect at 14163 489th Ave. All animals were healthy and sheltered.

Feb. 4

Vehicle versus deer at 216th Street and Bellevue-Cascade Road.

Subject requesting assistance at Sabula City Hall.

Fraud alleging that Social Security number was compromised and wanting caller to verify number.

Domestic dispute at 53 Allen St.

Scam from satellite company.

Two little dogs running around Cardinal Elementary School. One has an orange collar. The other is fluffy.

Report of vandalism near B&G Auction.

Lead on year-old theft at 477 418th Ave.

Report of bat in the house, but unable to locate.

Feb. 5

Report of possible assault in Baldwin. Caller didn’t want to leave any information.

Scam. Locked computer and credit card information requested in order to unlock.

Domestic dispute at 113 S. Main St., St. Donatus, including thrown tables, cigarette put out on head. Kids in vehicle, but subject wouldn’t give up keys. Subject detained.

Vehicle rollover on Highway 61 south of North Fork, Maquoketa River.

Feb. 6

Vehicle hit cement barricade between Theisen’s and Wal-Mart

Someone tried to lure dogs onto road at 14163 489th Ave. by putting dog food in trail out to road.

Check fraud at Kwik Star.

Vehicle disabled and off road at 34000 block of Highway 52.

Dispute/assault at United Methodist Church lobby

Vehicle in ditch at 35th Street and Highway 62.

Fire at 433 584th Ave., 11:33 p.m. to 12:50 a.m. Shed on fire. Can see smoke. 15 feet from LP tank, 500 gallons. Sabula going mutual aid with pumper, Preston and Miles fire zone, no flames, lots of smoke.

Feb. 7

Wire down and sparking at North Main and North Old Highway 61.

Pickup rolled out of driveway and blocking road at 300 block of West Locust Street.

Car versus truck, no injuries. Truck slid into ditch at 24560 320th St.

Vehicle in snowbank at North Dearborn and East Grove streets.

Vehicle backed into Mediacom truck at 606 S. Fifth St.

Report of harassment at 13 E Benton St. 

Burglary at 507 S. Niagara St.

Rollover at 435th Avenue and Highway 52, just south of Preston turnoff.

Sick raccoon at 107 Arcade St.

Vehicle in ditch at 4761 317th Ave. Road is a sheet of ice.

Vehicle rollover at 24th Street and Highway 64.

Domestic dispute on 100 block of North Olive Street.

Feb. 8

Alarm going off at Easton Valley.

Fire at 25745 Highway 64, 12:20 p.m. until 6:04 p.m. Machine shed fire. Large propane tank outside. 100 percent ice on lane. Fully involved. Had to stop and put chains on some trucks. Miles had three vehicles at station already. Called to get gravel. Building came down at 12:46

Barn on fire at 15125 69th Street 2 p.m. until 6:11 p.m. Barn on fire, requested Andrew, Bernard and Baldwin departments.

Water flowing at Wal-Mart. Report of smoke coming out front door. Off-duty officer saw car leave Wal-Mart on Old 61 at high rate of speed. Sprinkler head possibly damaged.

Subject released from jail, walked home and was locked out of house. She walked back. Did not have coat or good shoes on. Officer went to Baldwin to get key and give female ride home.

Fraud: warrant out of Texas. Requested $500 via Google Play.

Sick raccoon outside Maquoketa Family Clinic.

Vandalism to metal mailbox at 15186 341st St., possibly hit by car.

Feb. 9

Fire restarted at 25745 Highway 64 from 12:05 a.m. until 12:37 pm

Lost small black-and-brown female with no collar, weighs between 10-15 pounds.

Dog in cold car at Bill’s Tap.

Two women filling up purses in parking lot at 200th Avenue and Highway 61.

Domestic dispute at River Village 1.

Explosives shot off and paper or something all over street outside Bubba’s Pub.

Rollover, no injuries, at 33800 230th Ave.

Feb 10

Public intoxication at Carli’s Pet Grooming.

Snowplow backed into car at Casey’s General Store, Bellevue.

Assault at 808 Broad St., Sabula.

Trailer in ditch near Off Shore. Tow available from Dyersville.

Report of injury by mechanical bull horn at G Spot, Sabula. Advised that it was a civil matter.

Found yellow lab with collar on 100 block of North Main Street.