Maquoketa law enforcement dispatch received the following calls for service:

Dec. 18

Injured owl, 150th Street and 298th Avenue, Springbrook.

Vehicle from Dubuque County almost hit side rails, crossed center line, 398th Avenue and Highway 52, Bellevue.

White retriever with pink collar from Niagara Street, Maquoketa.

Fraudulent check received in mail, Maquoketa.

Documentation of kids kicking four-wheeler up street, profanity, 306 S. Prospect St., Maquoketa.

Car accident, three injured, Seventh and State streets, Bellevue.

Three cows out, 22418 150th St., Maquoketa.

Report of harassment, Maquoketa

Vehicle versus deer, Highway 61 and Caves Road, Maquoketa. Tag wanted.

Theft, fuel drive-off, KJ’s Convenience and Deli.

Domestic dispute, crawled through window and punching windows, etc., 413 N. Decker St., Maquoketa.

Two-vehicle accident, Highways 64 and 67.

Controlled burn of corn crib and barn, caught neighbor’s shed on fire, 11801 188th Street, Zwingle. Person doing burn will contact property owner.

Dec. 19

Traffic stop, vehicle towed, Emma Court and North Vermont Street, Maquoketa.

Residential theft, dog taken, 208 E. Apple St., Maquoketa.

Dispute over water line driven over, 34981 Mill Creek Road, Bellevue.

Report of residential theft, 25259 Mill Creek Road, LaMotte.

Stolen license plate. Suspicion of someone snooping around building, moving stuff, 29907 Centerville Road, LaMotte.

Fraudulent check, Bellevue State Bank.

Trespassing, 123 N. Dearborn St., Maquoketa.

Kids messing with yard, 513 W. Platt St., Maquoketa.

Documentation of destruction of property, 307 N. Prospect St., Maquoketa.

Bike stolen from under car port, 605 Emma Ct., Maquoketa.

Domestic dispute, no contact order, Woodland North Trailer Court.

Domestic dispute, 317 S. Prospect St., Maquoketa.

Dec. 20

Two-car accident, no injury, West Summit and South Vermont streets, Maquoketa.

Call regarding domestic dispute. Warrant, 503 W. Angus Ct., Maquoketa.

Window and door busted out, 50th Avenue, Baldwin, bunch of damage, may have been trying to steal wiring.

Two-vehicle accident, 1009 362nd Avenue, Clinton County.

Hit-and-run on parked vehicle, Smiles on Main.

Traffic stop, given a warning for not driving suspended.

Vehicle versus deer, 312th Avenue and Highway 64, between Maquoketa and Preston, vehicle drivable, deer in ditch, needs to be put down.

Cows out, back in, 27665 320th St., Bellevue.

Carbon monoxide detector going off, 502 S. Eliza St., Maquoketa.

Two complaints, loud music at G Spot.

Dec. 21

Traffic control for moving cattle across highway, 25745 Highway 64, Maquoketa.

Traffic accident, Wal-Mart.

Theft from bedroom, including medicine, Social Security card, birth certificate, photos, clothes and car keys, at River Village 2.

Domestic dispute, verbal and throwing stuff, 32 S. Stephens St., Preston.

Red Farmall mailbox stolen, 30442 398th Ave., Bellevue.

Hunter shot at pheasants in ditch while standing on Highway 62 roadway with cars going by, 154th Street and Highway 62, Andrew.

Two-car accident, car rear-ended, 1100 block of West Platt Street, Maquoketa.

No-contact order served, 413 N. Decker St., Maquoketa.

Man walking around apartment with handicapped sign post, 10 S. Johnson St., Maquoketa. Post recovered.

Vehicle accident, Dollar Tree.

Cow out, 500th Avenue and 75th Street, Miles.

Coonhound shot with small-caliber bullet, 27428 200th St., Andrew.

Intoxicated, aggressive subjects. Person fell out window, medical needed, 102 N. Fourth St., Bellevue.

Dec. 22

Warrant, 24 Section Road, updated to law center.

Heated hunter-landlord dispute, 27132 189th St., Maquoketa.

Two deer stuck on ice, Sabula.

Swerved to miss deer, totaled vehicle, 26885 Sieverding Ridge Road, Bellevue.

Young teen walking across yard. Caller has problem finding drug paraphernalia in yard, Woodland East Trailer Court.

Warrant, Wal-Mart. Wanted out of DeWitt for recommitment after bail. Original charges second-degree theft and eluding at speeds 25 miles per hour over the limit.

Eight calls regarding vehicle, possibly green Ranger, racing around, revving engine, speeding, driver possibly has gun strapped to waist, Timber City Trailer Court. Vehicle stopped at Casey’s East. Driver took off on foot.

Second call on loud, careless vehicle, possibly silver truck, Arcade and West Grove streets, Maquoketa. 

Green vehicle back, at least five calls, fight, possibly trying to run person over, Timber City Trailer Court.

Domestic dispute, locked out, 313 N. Olive St., Maquoketa

Dec. 23

Vehicle spun out, went into ditch, no injuries, First Street and 500th Avenue, Miles.

Rolling domestic dispute, 400 block of Dearborn, Maquoketa.

Parking lot two-vehicle accident, O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Vehicle accident, two mailboxes hit on highway, Mueller Auto Repair and Sales.

Report of two trailers taken from yard, 413 N. Decker St., Maquoketa. Report that people came back to steal another trailer, but it was the landlord cleaning up the place.

Truck pulled down wires at Maquoketa Livestock Sales. Second truck at 7580 Highway 62, Maquoketa.

Vehicle passed on 19000 block of Highway 61 and cut back in too soon, cutting tire of combine and causing $2,500 damage.

Vehicle versus deer, no injuries, couldn’t find deer, Highway 62 and 92nd Street, Maquoketa.

Vehicle versus deer, people kept going and animal needs to be put down, 74th Street and Caves Road, Maquoketa.

Theft, Fareway.

Report of hunters poaching in pasture by 92nd Street, 9454 256th Ave., Maquoketa.

Fire in field, Green Island.

Dec. 24

Deer shot, laying by house and needs to be put down, 16075 85th St., Maquoketa.

Vehicle accident, Wal-Mart.

Vehicle accident, semi in ditch, 21st Avenue and 250th Street, Bernard.

Prisoner trying to plug toilet, Jackson County Jail.

Dec. 25

People yelling and fighting, River Village. Quiet on arrival.

Domestic dispute, subject out of control and throwing things, 816 Broad St., Sabula.

Theft of homemade trailer, 4918 48th St., Baldwin.

Assault, 205 W. Market St., Preston. Victim thinks needs stitches. No transport, person in custody.

Burning, near 332 Ferry Road, Miles. Fire department paged to put out fire, citation later.

Suspicion of tree cut on person’s property, Highway 52 and Green Island Road.

Dec. 26

Traffic stop, Park and Riverview streets, Bellevue. Two detained, consent to search vehicle, narcotics found, two juveniles transported to Bellevue Police Department.

Burning complaint, near 334 Ferry Road, Miles.

Vehicle towed, Sixth and Market streets, Bellevue.

Burning smell. Person burning wires given warning, 903 Kathey Drive, Maquoketa.

Traffic incident, including threat, Highway 52.

Deer hit side of car, 57309 Highway 64, Sabula.

Dec. 27

Black-and-white goat on Highway 136 east of Delmar.

Warrant, South Eliza and East Maple streets, Maquoketa.

Moline air traffic control lost contact with plane, may have landed in Maquoketa. Plane located.

Water main break, Timber City Trailer Court.

Report of vehicle theft, 816 Broad St., Sabula. Vehicle was paid for but not on street. Vehicle was in garage.

Tree picked up from intersection, Main and Platt streets.

Vandalism, front windshield smashed, on video, 111-C N. Jones St., Maquoketa.

Domestic dispute, person hit with Gatorade bottle, 1117 E. Platt St., Maquoketa.

Vandalism, 816 Broad St., Sabula.

Trespassing call, neighbors on property to trap cat, 18000 43rd St., Maquoketa.

Vehicle versus deer, hit bridge, pulled off road, child in vehicle, 150th Street and Highway 61, Maquoketa.

Dec. 28

Vehicle accident, 612 Elk St., Sabula. Vehicle ran into house. Subject detained, admitted to drinking, according to police call logs.

Possible assault reported at emergency room from Pershing Road, Maquoketa.

Hanging wire, Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Verbal dispute, 700 S. Second St., Maquoketa.

Report of dog living in a barrel, 23208 Lake Shore Drive, Bernard. In the past, dog was fine but will follow up.

Verbal domestic dispute, Maquoketa Public Library. Possible suspended driver.

Hurt deer on shoulder, Obie’s West.

Shoplifter, Wal-Mart.

Neighbor backed into vehicle, 508 Emma Court, Maquoketa.

Violation of no-contact order, 4847 550th Ave., Sabula.

Dec. 29

Burglary, 412 W. Apple St, Maquoketa, on porch, tried to break into bedroom. Attempt to defend, update to emergency room.

Highway patrol in foot chase, needs assistance, Eden Valley Nature Center.

Wants subject removed from house, hiding in bathroom, 310 James St., Maquoketa.

Minor accident, no injuries, McKinsey Driver and West Platt St., Maquoketa.

Deer hit, 5910 Caves Road, Maquoketa.

Snow blower stolen from garage, 407 W. Platt St., Maquoketa.

Men threatening each other at Burlingame field. Arrest for violation of a protective order.

Dozen cows on road, 150th Street and 317th Avenue, Andrew.

Burglary, 4820 49th Ave., Baldwin. Trailer door kicked in, broken-down truck missing. 

Dispute over moving camper, tearing up yard, 105 S. Division St., Spragueville.

Smell of natural gas, Pizza Hut. Building evacuated.

Vehicle versus deer, Highway 52 and 94th Street, Sabula.

Welfare check at River Village 1. Person was having a disagreement with telemarketer.

Welfare check for woman who fell off bike, Jones Avenue and West Platt Street, Maquoketa.

Dec. 30

Dog has prolapsed rectum, Woodland East Trailer Court. Advised to call vet.

Black ice by Hilltop Bar.

Gas line broken, house filling with gas, evacuated, 303 Chestnut St., Bellevue.

Strong smell of gas in recycling area, Imagine the Possibilities. Likely Sonac.

Roads slick, S. Main and Pleasant St., Maquoketa.