Maquoketa law enforcement dispatch received the following calls for service:

Dec. 4

Vehicle backed into small school van at 408 E. Platt St.

Theft of liquor from Fareway.

Landlord-tenant dispute involving tenant’s stuff thrown out, 604 Elk St., Sabula.

Verbal domestic dispute at 307 Elk St., Sabula, including possible lost cash.

Dec. 5

Two-vehicle accident at Jones and Platt. Road slippery.

Hit-and-run damage at Kwik Star and Rotman’s.

Vehicle versus deer at 15600 block of Highway 64. 

Dead deer at 362nd Avenue and Highway 52.

Vendor stole three knives at Wal-Mart.

Vehicle versus deer at 371st Avenue and Highway 64. Car not drivable.

Dec. 6

Kid called from 911 phone, looking for help fixing phone’s screen.

Found bank bag at 800 block of West Platt Street

Assault at 1117 E. Platt St.

Vehicle versus deer at 189th Street and Highway 62. Car drivable, and deer off the road.

Vehicle backed into another at 501 S. Main St.

Aggressive brown-and-white Collie, with a dog in heat, at 25542 17th St.

Smoke at Specht Apartments. Scene cleared in less than an hour.

Dec. 7

Sign valued at $500 taken with a skidloader from Three Hills Hunting Preserve and thrown across road.

Domestic dispute including broken television at 103.5-A E. Platt St.

German shepherd attacked another dog at 115 N. Olive St.

Bottle of Fireball whiskey thrown out vehicle window on Sabula causeway. Caller’s vehicle hit bottle, making driving a little shaky.

Report of harassment at 612 S. Niagara St.

Dispute at 17.5 N. Main St.

Vehicle versus deer at 1500 block of State St., Bellevue.

Disgruntled employee at Kwik Star.

Assault at 413 N. Decker St.

Dec. 8

Threats over deer hunting at 7666 358th Ave.

Traffic control to move cattle at 25745 Highway 64.

Car on its side leaking fuel by the railroad tracks at Second and Park streets, Bellevue. One person trapped.

Traffic control for moving a building at 37573 Highway 64.

Power out at 911 Fifth St. Caller heard a boom and now sees a dead squirrel hanging off a transformer.

Vehicle versus deer near 32709 Highway 52.

Car in ditch at 200th Avenue and Highway 61. Had hit vehicle in Bridgeport parking lot.

Kitten hit by vehicle and killed at 800 Niles St. Caller will put in box in case owner calls for body.

Dec. 9

Hit-and-run at Wal-Mart.

Loud bass making it difficult to hear football game on TV, 800 block of South Niagara.

Gas drive-off at Casey’s General Store.

Vehicle versus deer at 387th Avenue and 70th Street. Car damaged, and deer injured.

Dispute over ownership of Sturdy Built lawn shed, at Plumery Tails Malamute Ranch.

Fight in Wal-Mart parking lot.

Knife found under window at 905 Battles Dr.

Box TV in the middle of road at 100 E. Jefferson St.

Smell of smoke and possible flame at Laundry Max. Response took about 30 minutes.

Dec. 10

Suspicious vehicle parked at Behn’s Concrete and Masonry. Vehicle’s owner was counting birds.

Hit-and-run accident on parked dump truck at 605 S. Second St. No damage to dump truck. Mirror torn off hit-and-run vehicle.

Victim called to say that Willie Earl Sanders III had escaped the Residential Correctional Facility in Davenport, where he had been sent after being sentenced in Jackson County on assault charges.

Unlocked car rummaged through at 416 N. Fifth St. Nothing stolen, and no damage, 

Resident at Andrew Jackson Care Facility trying to assault people with a butter knife. Residents and staff behind closed doors.

Snuff tin containing baggy with white powder found at Goodwill Industries.

Vehicle versus deer at 213rd Avenue and Highway 64. No injuries, front-end damage to vehicle, deer dead.

Deer injured on 58,000 block of Highway 52.

Lost black wallet at 714-4 W. Platt St.

Dec. 11

Assault at Maquoketa Middle School.

Vehicle versus deer, no injuries, at 508 Pershing Road.

Domestic dispute at Woodland East Trailer Court.

Dumping at 23000 13th St.

Found Christmas cards in the ditch, possibly with money stolen from cards.

Found bike at KJ’s Deli and Conveniece Mart.

Report of harassment at 307 N. Prospect St.

Hit-and-run of parked car at 405 Thomas Ave.

Vehicle backed into caller’s car at Sacred Heart.

Vehicle versus deer at 24th Street and Highway 64.

Gas drive-off at Casey’s. Driver had forgotten to pay for gas “when he was paying for his delicious hot fresh pizza.”

Request to talk to 6-year-old who keeps playing with a lighter, at Maquoketa Police Department.

Intoxicated woman lying at bottom of steps by Punky’s.

Hit deer lying in road at 216th Street and Bellevue-Cascade Road.

Dec. 12

Vehicle went in ditch at 174th Avenue and Seventh Street, to avoid hitting deer.

Dispatch of a raccoon.

Hit-and-run accident in Walmart parking lot.

One-vehicle motorcycle accident involving intoxicated driver near 9780 Highway 62. Bystander helped driver. Officers made contact with driver at 1100 E. Quarry St., Maquoketa.

Domestic dispute involving someone trying to enter home without permission, at 710 W. Platt St.

Dec. 13

Gas smell at Medical Associates, Bellevue.

Verbal dispute at 405 S. Niagara St.

Vehicle in ditch at 202 N. Willough St., Andrew.

Personal threat of violence at Woodland North Trailer Court.

Dec. 14

Black Lab mix running loose near Wag More. Taken to humane society.

Report of erratic driving at 100 miles per hour-plus, on 45th Avenue from Highway 52 toward Preston.

Vehicle versus deer at 18000 block of Highway 62. Vehicle not drivable.

Dec. 15

Dead deer at 189th Street and Highway 52.

Water hydrant broken at Prairie Creek and water running at full flow.

Vehicle versus deer at 463rd Avenue and Highway 52.

Vehicle versus deer at 364th Avenue and Highway 64.

Dead deer, road hazard at 241st Avenue and Highway 64.

Vehicle versus cow at 7000 block of Highway 64. No human injuries. Unsure if cow was injured.

Fraudulent check at Wal-Mart.

Vehicle versus deer at Highway 61 and 182nd Avenue.

Two leaks at gas valve at courthouse parking lot.

Dec. 16

Domestic dispute at 410 Jones Ave.

Brake lines cut in Jeep at 206 N. Fifth St.

Strong smell of weed in Rosemere Garden Apartments.

Gas spilling out at Casey’s. Hose ripped off pump.

Trespassing on Dark Hollow Road property.

Yellow Lab found in Emeline.

Domestic dispute at 1122 S. Eliza St.

Chickens in yard at 201 W. Benton St., Andrew.

Report of punched television at 1010-2 German St.

Person sleeping across seat at Wal-Mart. Said he needed to find driver.

Dec. 17

Cattle got man down, injured, near 9401 454th Ave., Preston. Helicopter brought in. 

Items taken from Wal-Mart.

Theft from Lampe True Value, Bellevue.

Vehicle versus deer at 117th Street and Highway 62.

Dec. 26

Report of Eastern Iowa Tourism vehicle all over road on Highway 61.

Report of break-in to units at Maquoketa Mini-Storage.

Vehicle stuck in intersection at West Locust and South Niagara streets.

Marburger Trucking alarm going off. Subject not opening door and not wanted on property. Subject detained.

Vehicle versus deer at First Street and 500th Avenue.

Power pole hit at 22308 Sioux Drive.

Dispute at 106 E. Monroe St.

Theft of phone from 310 N. Eliza St.

Report of harassment of employee at Casey’s General Store.

Dec. 27

Cold chickens sitting on fence near 201 W. Benton St. Chickens’ wings will be clipped soon.

Vehicle back window smashed in at 420 S. Prospect St.

Truck went off the road and into fence at 1600 block of Highway 61. Unknown if injuries.

Report of stolen cash at Econolodge.

Report of multiple withdrawals for Econolodge stay.

Walking dispute, including coffee cup knocked out of hand and blowing smoke in face, called in from Carson and Son Funeral Home, 400 block of West Pleasant Street.