Maquoketa law enforcement dispatch received the following calls for service:

May 31

Dead deer in road, Highway 61 and 63rd Street.

Car accident near Bellevue High School. No injuries.

Car seat stolen from car, 411 N. Fifth St.

Dispute with person at door, 308 N. Otto St.

Man walking dog without leash, B and C Leash.

Unintended gas driveoff, Andrew Country Mart.

Prisoner transport to Oakdale.

Theft of gray Trek bike, Maquoketa Public Library.

Abandoned house broken into by removing door hinges, 102 W. Commercial St.

Vehicle theft, 1004-5 German St.

Neighbor dispute, 59923 50th St.

Escape from Elm Street Correctional facility, possible Maquoketa address.

Hit-and-run accident, 111 S. Matteson St. Thumb injury.

Dog continues to bark after citation, 912 S. Fifth St.

Warrant pick-up from Mount Carroll jail.

Reckless driving down middle of highway, running cars off road, Bellevue.

June 1

Vehicle theft, Maquoketa State Bank, Preston.

Vehicle leaking fluids, 507 S. Niagara St.

Two weed-eaters and attachments, chainsaw, Bigfoot goose decoys stolen from machine shed at 58794 Highway 64.

Boy in road, Maquoketa State Bank, Preston.

Large liquid storage tank in road, Highway 61, mile marker 158.

Fraud call from fake grandson, followed by fraud call from detective wanting prepaid gift cards, Maquoketa.

Dead cows beginning to smell, 254th Avenue and HIghway 64.

Caller concerned that he might be called in for littering after bag dropped out car window and a person photographed his vehicle, Obie’s West.

Theft, Wal-Mart.

Domestic dispute, 8864 Highway 64.

Harassment, Dollar Tree.

Domestic dispute, 214 N. Matteson St.

Neighbor caught hooking up to water spigot. Ongoing issues with trespassing to Vault Bar. Search warrant obtained for neighboring home, methamphetamine field test.

Vehicle versus deer, 223rd Avenue and Highway 64.

Runaway, Little Bear Park. Returned to mother.

Trespassing, 403 Court St., Bellevue. Parties separated.

Person swung at bartender while being escorted out of Bill’s Tap.

Traffic stop with open container citation, Franklin and North Riverview streets, Bellevue.

June 2

Car hydroplaned, spun out of control and into ditch, Highway 61. Fence damaged in same place as before.

Bicycles traveling three abreast, Highway 62 and 92nd Street.

Calf out on highway, 254th Avenue and Highway 64.

Vehicle versus deer, 150th St. and 30th Avenue.

Trailer theft. Brother had borrowed trailer and forgot to tell caller, Steeple Paintball.

Theft of estimated $800 worth of merchandise, as well as money order.

Dispute, 305 Union St., Sabula. Caller said dog tried to bite other party when other party tried to grab caller. Intoxication.

Argument, 604 S. Main St.

Domestic dispute, 305 Union St., Sabula.

Domestic dispute, Woodland North Trailer Court.

June 3

Theft of cologne. Thief left bag containing tent, two hatchets, 1006-3 German St.

Cows on the highway, 254th Avenue and Highway 64.

Car abandoned on Level B, 134th Street and 216th Avenue.

Two-car accident, no injuries, Highway 61 and Hurstville Road.

Dumping, Clark and East Platt streets.

Furniture theft from garage, 806 Broad St., Sabula.

Person locked in bathroom, 108 Anderson St.

Attempt to locate stolen vehicle.

Two-vehicle accident, minor, no injuries 313 N. Eliza St.

Dispute, Goodwill Industries.

Dog complaint, Maquoketa Middle School.

Broken recliner in Highway 61.

Questions about domestic dispute that occurred in Davenport.

Contacted by male who met female online. Male now believes female is underage, and female’s father attempting to blackmail caller.

Stove on fire, 23 Harvard Avenue. Firefighters on scene about 45 minutes.

Boyfriend got beat up, can’t stand. Taken to emergency room.

June 4

Vehicle in ditch, Ninth Avenue and West Bellevue-Cascade Road.

Attempt to locate vehicle, 906 S. Second St., Bellevue.

Dog attacked another dog, 108 W. Main St., Preston.

Erratic semi driver, 418th Avenue and Highway 64.

Calf on road, 254th Avenue and Highway 64.

Harassment, walk-in to Maquoketa police lobby.

Fraud near Baker Holding Co.

Pen found with white powder in cap, Maquoketa Public Library.

Vehicle in ditch, Highway 61 and Bellevue-Cascade Road. No injuries.

Possible semi versus vehicle, Main and Platt streets.

Vehicle accident, 31496 Iron Bridge Road.

Theft of snowblower, 410 N. Eliza St.

Vandalism, including shed detached from base and moved, 23407 Leisure Lake Drive.

Assault, Preston. Two black eyes.

Vehicle versus deer, 150th Street and Bernard Road. Drivable car.

Bulls on the highway, 35000 block of Iron Bridge Road.

June 5

Domestic dispute involving keys, small cut under eye and swelling, walk-in to police station.

Hitchhiker at Wal-Mart exit ramp, Highway 61.

Attempt to locate Polaris stolen from Brimley, Michigan.

Wallet, ID, gift cards and change stolen from vehicle, 324 Grant St., Preston.

Possum dying in yard, 207 Austin Ave.

Vehicle versus deer, 435th Ave and 79th St., deer dead, no injuries, car drivable.

Violation of no-contact order, Maquoketa.

Intoxicated subject walking from 310 James St., Maquoketa.

Suspicious activity, Maquoketa Community Services Store. One person in custody.

Suspicious person on bike, 1006 German St. Admitted to smoking and had pipe on him.

Fraud of $8,000 from person claiming to be grandson in jail, rural Sabula.

June 6

Fell asleep and put car in ditch last night, 113th Avenue and Bellevue-Cascade Road.

Fraud, Social Security Administration scam. Person was told to transfer money from savings to checking, then buy Wal-Mart gift cards. Wal-Mart refused; person was afraid of being arrested.